b'DECORATINGSANDINGSANDING DECORATINGBACKING PADS DRUM SANDERS EMERY CLOTHSilverline (609877) ABS FibreSilverline (381141) DrumSilverline 726040 DrumSilverline Emery Cloth Sheets Disc Backing Pad 115mm Sanding Kit 20pce 131925 Sanding Kit 230 x 280mm38mm DiaSANDINGFirm ABS backing pad for use with fibre discs and semi-flexible grinding discs. Includes M14 x 2 female thread flange nut. Compatible with angleIdeal for all sanding applications, grinders and sander polishers. especially edge and contour sanding. Code Unit For use with power drills and drillCloth-backed, for general purpose presses. Includes 4 x rubber drums,5 Sizes; 13, 19, 25, 38 and 50mm. 20metal sanding, light clean-up work SIL609877 Each 12.70 / 1/2, 19.05mm / 3/4, 25.40mmsanding sleeves supplied (4 of eachand rust removal. 230 x 280mm./ 1 and 38.1mm / 1-1/2, and 16 xsize), rubber drum spindles (1 of Triton (638469) 125mm Hooksanding sleeves, 2 x 80 and 120 grit,each size). Code Grit Unit& Loop Backing Pad for each of the four drum sizes. Code Grit Unit SIL399016 60 Pk 10Code Unit SIL726040 80 Each SIL969749 80 Pk 10SIL381141 Each SIL371759 120 Pk 10Silverline (806145)SIL733249 180 Pk 10GMC (404551) 1300WSilverstorm Drum Sander Burnisher Drum Sander Kit60mm 420W FLAP DISCSGDES115Firm backing pad with profiled, softHilka Flap Disc 115mmedge and 16 holes for enhanced dust extraction. For use with hook and loop polishing sponges, bonnets and sanding discs. Compatible with TGEOS sander polisher. M8 x 15mm bolt connection. Max 8,500rpm.Code UnitSIL638469 Each Adjustable 0-45 arm angle and SIL910308 Each High-performance burnisherquick-fit mechanism for easy tool-drum sander ideal for burnishing,free fitting of accessories. Fast Silverline Rubber Backing Pad polishing, die-polishing and sandingeffective sanding on a wide range of a wide range of metals, wood andsurfaces. 1900 - 4000rpm variable other materials. 1300W motor withspeed and rocker power switch forSuitable for metal, wood and plastic. constant speed under load. Variableeasy handling. Drum guard andRemoves rust and paint. No backing speed and safety lock-OFF triggerangled handle. Uses shape-adjustingpad required. Aluminium oxide feature. Heavy duty drum guardflap wheels or sanding sleevesconstruction.and angled handle. Long-life drumsmounted on a rigid drum. Includes reduce down time. Includes 2 xdust port adaptor, sanding sleeveCode Grit Unitsanding drums, sanding sleeve drum,drum, 80 grit sanding sleeve, 15mmHIL51404004 40 EachFlexible, for fibre discs. Fits all angle2 x sanding sleeves and tool bag. and 60mm flap wheels.grinders with M14 x 2 locking nut.HIL51606004 60 Each115mm: max. speed 13,200rpm.Code Desc. Unit Code Unit HIL51808004 80 Each178mm: max 8,500rpm. 1300W Burnisher Drum Sander Kit Drum SanderCode Size Unit SIL404551 Each SIL511239 Each Silverline Aluminium Oxide SIL941859 115mm Each 3pk Sanding Sleeves 20 Grit Flap Wheel Flap DiscSIL497186 80 Grit Each SIL806145 EachBOBBIN SLEEVES SIL729455 120 Grit EachExpansion Drum 19.5 x 120 x 100mm EMERY CLOTHSilverline Bobbin Sleeves SIL347158 EachHilka 68902310 Emery Cloth Nylon Web Drum 100 x 115mm SheetsSIL657689 80 Grit EachSilverline 675076 Sanding Sleeves AssortedAluminium oxide. For grinding and finishing. No backing plate required. Code Grit Unit Outlasts resin discs by up to 28 114mm Assorted times.SIL275488 80 Pk 6 Code Size/Grit Unit140mm Assorted 2 x 13mm, 2 x 19mm, 2 x 25mm, 2 xContains 4 medium and fine and 2SIL196514 100mm/60 EachSIL275735 60 Pk 6 38mm and 2 x 50mm. coarse sheets. Display packed. SIL199877 115mm/40 Each90mm Assorted Code Grit Unit Code Grit Unit SIL793761 115mm/60 EachSIL275267 120 Pk 6 SIL675076 80 Pk 10 HIL68902310 Assorted Pk 10 SIL792089 115mm/80 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 97'