b'HAND TOOLSHAMMERSHAMMERS HAND TOOLSCLAW HAMMERSHilka 60200120 Steel ClawSilverline Claw HammerSilverline Solid Forged ClawStanley 051309 Fibreglass Hammer 20oz Hickory Hammer Claw Hammer 450GHAMMERSHigh quality drop forged hammer forged in one piece and polished.Hardened forged steel head andBi-material grip with gripping ribs for Fitted with comfortable twoSolid forged with non-slip impactcomfort and anti slip. Claw hammer component handle. hickory shaft. For driving andabsorbent rubber handle. for nailing and pulling. Fibreglass removing nails in wood. core for strength and durability.Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL60200120 Each Code Size Unit SIL633508 16oz Each Code UnitSILHA01 16oz Each SIL633675 20oz Each STASTHT051309 EachHilka 60201400 Steel Claw Hammer 16oz Silverline Claw HammerSilverline 852600 HobbyStanley Steel HammerHardwood Shaft Hammer 6-Heads 2.6oz16 oz high quality hammer with polished head and tubular steel shaft.2.6oz (75g) hammer with 6Fully heat treated carbon steel head Fitted with comfortable rubber grip. interchangeable heads for generalfor strength, durability and safetycraft use. Ideal for jewellery-making Code Unit Forged steel head with polishedand metal art. Aluminium handle with Soft grip ergonomic handle for striking face and hardwood shaft. knurled grip. Each head screws oncomfort and gripHIL60201400 Each separately. Includes nylon, ball, round, 5 ton force fit head to handleCode Size Unit flat steel, flat brass and chisel heads. assembly for improved safetyHilka 60201500 Claw Hammer Fibreglass Handle 8oz SILHA03B 8oz Each Code Unit Code Size UnitSILHA05B 16oz Each SIL852600 Each STA151031 16oz EachSILHA06B 24oz Each STA151033 20oz EachStanley 1-51-277 FATMAX Silverline Claw HammerAnti-Vibe Curve Claw HammerCOPPER & HIDE HAMMERSTubular 20ozThor Copper / Rawhide HammerComfortable rubber grip hardened and tempered polished head.Code UnitHIL60201500 EachHilka 60707016 Claw HammerAnti-Vibration Grip provides New, softer grip material with new Wood Shaft 16oz General purpose hammer withindustrial design for better comfortCopper and rawhide faced hammer.tubular steel shaft, polished headand less arm fatigue. PatentedCode Size Unitand thick heavy duty rubber handle. Over-Sized Strike Face 25% larger Sweet Spot. Precision BalancedTHO208 7/8lb Size A EachCode Size Unit Heads For user comfort and control.THO210 1.1/2lb Size 1 EachSIL763591 8oz Each Proprietary Tuning Fork Designed toTHO212 2.1/2lb Size 2 EachSILHA04 16oz Each reduce vibration and arm fatigue.THO214 3.1/2lb Size 3 EachFully polished head with hardwoodCode Unit THO216 5.3/4lb Size 4 Eachshaft. Silverline Fibreglass ClawSTAFMHT151277 Each THO222 11.1/2lb Size 5 EachCode Unit HammerStanley Blue Strike Hammer Thor Copper HammerHIL60707016 EachHilka Fibreglass Claw HammerFully forged and heat treated headCopper faced hammer.for strength and performanceForged steel polished head, shock Flock filled vinyl grip, impervious toCode Size Unitabsorbing fibreglass shaft with nylon High quality hammer with blackoil and most solvents THO308 1lb Eachhead and fibre glass shaft. Fittedsurround and hi-grip rubber handle. Tubular oval shaft combinesTHO310 2lb Eachwith comfortable rubber grip. Code Size Unit strength with a lightweight feel THO312 3lb EachCode Size Unit SIL580456 8oz Each Code Size Unit THO314 4lb EachHIL60201600 16oz Each SILHA10 16oz Each STA151488 16oz Each THO316 7lb EachHIL60201720 20oz Each SILHA11 20oz Each STA151489 20oz Each THO322 14lb EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 241'