b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSFUEL CANS FUNNELSCarplan Fuel Can 5L Silverline 633920 2-StrokeHilka 84808002 PlasticSilverline 868860 Flexible Fuel Mixing Bottle 1L Funnel Set 2pc Steel Funnel 150mmAUTOMOTIVEMarkings for ratios 50:1, 35:1, 30:1150mm dia 240mm flexible shaft. Flexible spout. Strong plasticGalvanised steel fitted with a mesh 5 Litre Petrol Can and 25:1. construction. Large 160mmparticle filter.Code Colour Unit Code Unit diameter.Code UnitTETTPH005 Green Each SIL633920 Each Code Unit SIL868860 EachTETTPF005 Red Each HIL84808002 EachSilverline Jerry Can Silverline Plastic Funnel & Silverline Plastic Fuel Can 5L Hilka Large Funnel With Filter SpoutPlastic funnel with brassed gauze filter. Thick durable plastic.Sturdy plastic fuel can with flexibleIdeal for carrying and storing liquids,Versatile funnel for garage or pouring spout. Tethered screw capeach can has a painted interioragricultural workshops. 255 xCode Size Unitand carry handle. Compression sealand includes an integral handle165mm opening designed to takeSIL793799 140mm Eachprevents leakage. for secure carrying and controlledup ended oil containers. FeaturesSIL868569 160mm Eachpouring. Compatible with spout,tapered spout, venting ribs and filter. Code Colour Unit product code 854292. Suitable for most liquids including SIL199991 Black Each oil and fuel. Stadium Polythene Clear Code Size Unit Code Unit FunnelSIL847074 Green Each SIL342497 5L EachHIL84808500 EachHilka Fuel Can 5L SIL563474 10L EachSIL730799 20L Each Silverline 199285 Funnel With Spout Filter 255x165mmSIL854292 320mm EachHilka 84750000 Oil Can 500cc Multiple sizes available 5 litre green fuel can suitable for Clear non-toxic polythene with unleaded petrol. Flexible easy-pour nozzle for controlled flow. Ideal forventing ribs and hanging tabstoring and transporting with carryVersatile polyethylene funnel holdsCode Size Unithandle. up-ended oil containers. FeaturesSTDBM214 100mm (4) EachCode Colour Unit tapered spout and venting ribs andSTDBM216 150mm (6) EachHIL84809015 Green Each Steel can with flexible spout. filter. Resistant to oil and fuel. STDBM218 200mm (8) EachHIL84809025 Black Each Code Unit Code UnitHIL84750000 Each SIL199285 Each Wesco 40070 Heavy Duty Metal Jerrycan Green 20L Square Garage Funnel with Silverline 732039 Oil CanSilverline 282421 PlasticFilter250cc Funnel Set 4pc155 x 465 x 345mm Brass filter, die-cast head and rigid Code Size Unit delivery spout. Trigger action. Sizes 50, 75, 100 and 120mm.HARJC20A 20L Each Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHARJCSF 11 (280mm) Each SIL732039 Each SIL282421 Each WES40070 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 209'