b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESWIRE CUP BRUSHES WIRE WHEELSSilverline Stainless SteelHilka 51950003 Wire CupSilverline (828396) RotarySilverline 985332 Wire Wheel Crimp Cup Brush 3 Stainless Steel Wire Wheel& Cup Brush Set 3pc 6mm Brush 50mm ShankHigh tensile crimped stainless steel wire, 0.5mm diameter, for rust and paint removal, descaling, deburringHigh tensile crimped stainless steel and preparation of welding seams. Forwire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust and metal and stone working, cleaning,1/4 Shank brass plated brush forpaint removal, descaling, deburring WIRE & NYLON ABRASIVES surface preparation and fabricationuse with power or cordless drills. Inand preparation of welding seams. For tasks. Use with angle grinders. M14 x 2blister packaging. metal, especially stainless steel, and female thread. Max 12,500rpm. Code Size Unit stone working, cleaning and fabrication Code Size Unit HIL51950003 75mm Each tasks. Use with drills. 6mm shank.SIL298755 75mm Each Code UnitFor use with power drills. 50mm wire SIL347429 100mm Each Hilka 51950004 Wire WheelSIL828396 Each cup brush, 50mm wire wheel and Brush 4 25mm end brush. Max 4,500rpm.Silverline Twist Knot Bowl Cup Silverline Rotary Wire Wheel Brush Code UnitSIL985332 Pk 3Silverline 993067 Wire Wheel & Cup Brush Set 6pkFor rust, paint, contaminant removal. Also for descaling, deburring and preparation of welding seams. M14 xCrimped steel wire wheels for cleaning 2 female thread. For use with angle1/4 shank brass plated brush forstone and metal. Includes 6mm arbor grinders. use with power or cordless drills. Infor all power drills. Max 4500rpm.Code Size Unit blister packaging.Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL733234 65mm Each SIL571536 50mm EachSIL868901 75mm Each HIL51950004 100mm EachSILPB01 75mm EachSIL486937 100mm Each Hilka 51960114 M14 WireSILPB02 100mm EachSilverline Twist Knot CupWheel Brush 4Brush Silverline Twist Knot Wheel For use with power drills. 6mm shank. 2 x 38mm wire wheels, 50mm cup brush, 50, 63 and 75mm wire wheels. Hardened and brassed 0.3mm bristles. Max 4,500rpm.Code UnitSIL993067 Pk 6For fast removal of heavy rust and paint. Brush can also be For rust, paint, contaminant removal.used for descaling, deburring andSilverline (589548) Wire Also for descaling, deburring andpreparation/cleaning of weldingBrush Cup & Twist-Knot Wheel preparation of welding seams. M14 xHeavy duty knot bevel for use withseams. Fits all 115mm angle grinders. Set 5pce2 female thread. For use with angleangle grinders. Aggressive twist grinders. Code Size Unitdesign for cleaning, removeing paint Code Size Unit and rust. M14x2 thread suitable forSIL398772 100mm EachSIL778649 65mm Each angle grinders. SIL656640 115mm EachSIL675339 80mm Each Code Size Unit SIL719823 150mm EachSIL303859 100mm Each HIL51960114 100mm Each Silverline Wire WheelWIRE WHEELS Silverline 456933 Twist Knot Wheel 75mmSilverline Twist Knot Brush Complete set for rust and paint removal, descaling, deburring and preparation of welding seams. For metal and stone working, cleaning, Hardened and brassed 0.3mm steelsurface preparation and fabrication wire bristles. Supplied with 12, 16,tasks. Includes 1 x 100mm twist-knot 20, 22 and 25mm bore adaptors. Forwheel, 1 x 100mm twist-knot wheel deburring, derusting, paint removal,(stringer bead), 1 x crimped wire cup For the rapid removal of rust anddescaling, finishing and polishing. cleaning of welds. M14 x 2 threads.For descaling, deburring, rustFor use with all bench grinders. brush 75mm, 1 x wire brush (4 row), For use with angle grinders. removal and welding seamand 1 x 75mm twist knot cup brush. preparation/cleaning. 6mm shank.Code Size Unit Compatible with M14 x 2 angle Code Size Unit Max speed 12,500rpm. SIL224516 150mm Each grinders.SIL633510 100mm EachCode Unit SIL427733 125mm Each Code UnitSIL580493 115mm EachSIL456933 Each SIL245128 200mm Each SIL589548 Each502 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'