b'SECURITYDEKTONSECURITYDekton Discus Padlock Dekton Closed ShackleDekton Heavy Duty Snap ShutDekton Covered Steel PadlockPadlock Satin Padlock & 3 KeysSECURITYIdeal for truckers, farmers and Heavy duty. Includes 2 extra keys. Suitable for securing residential/ contractors. With reusable storage Ideal for outdoor use. Designed tocommercial property, lockers andcase. Clevis grab hooks at either end. Code Size Unit expose as little of the shackle asluggage. Hardened steel shackle,4000lb working load limit. Grade 43.DEKDT70150 60mm Each possible, making it more difficult toproviding excellent level of security. DEKDT70152 70mm Each attack with bolt cutters and saws.Ideal for outdoor use. Includes 3Code Size UnitSuitable for securing residential/ keys. DEKDT70210 25mm EachDekton DT70160 Waterproofcommercial property, lockers andCode Size Unit DEKDT70215 30mm EachPadlock 40mm luggage. Hardened steel shackle,DEKDT70178 30mm Each DEKDT70222 40mm Eachproviding excellent level of security.DEKDT70225 50mm EachIncludes 2 keys. DEKDT70182 40mm EachDEKDT70184 50mm EachCode Size Unit Dekton DT70228 40mm Long DEKDT70163 40mm Each Dekton DT70197 Flexible SteelShackle Covered Steel PadlockDEKDT70164 50mm Each Cable 2.5m x 8mm & 50mm DEKDT70166 60mm Each PadlockDekton DT70175 Combination Padlocks 2pcHeavy duty waterproof thermoplastic cover. Dual-locking levers. Pin tumbler mechanism. Includes 2 keys.Ideal for truckers, farmers and Code Unit contractors. With reusable storage DEKDT70160 Each case. Clevis grab hooks at either end. 4000lb working load limit. Grade 43.Dekton DT70162 WaterproofCode UnitLong Shackle Padlock 40mm DEKDT70228 EachIdeal for luggage, rucksacks and lockers. Resettable combinations.Flexible steel cable 8mm x 2.5m.Dekton Flexible Steel Cable(REPLACES MAXIFIX 280001). 50mm padlock.Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT70175 Each DEKDT70197 EachDekton DT70176 5 Digit UDekton DT70200 Heavy Duty Type Zinc Alloy Combination1m Chain & PadlockPadlockHigh security multi function flexible steel cable.Heavy duty waterproof thermoplasticCode Size Unitcover. Dual-locking levers. Pin tumbler mechanism. Includes 2 keys. DEKDT70300 4.6m x 10mm EachCode Unit DEKDT70302 1.8m x 10mm EachDEKDT70162 Each Dekton DT70308 Security Dekton DT70170 CombinationCable & PadlockPadlock 80mmHigh security zinc alloy padlock 60mm.Code Unit 9.5mm thick chain links are heat-DEKDT70176 Each treated carbon steel for ultimate strength and protection. Nylon protective sheath is durable, prevents scratching and good deterrent for thieves. Narrow chain link inners defend against leverage attacks. Designed to expose as littleUltra strong steel security cable. 4 numbers. Ultra strong steel.of the shackle as possible, making3mm x 300mm. Includes padlock Resettable. Ideal for luggage andit more difficult to attack with boltand 3 keys. Ideal for bikes, laptops lockers. 80mm. EVERYTHING YOUcutters or saws. Includes 2 keys. and monitors.NEED AT LOWCode UnitCode Unit Code UnitDEKDT70170 Each TRADE PRICES DEKDT70200 Each DEKDT70308 Each20 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'