b'HARDWAREDEKTONHARDWAREDekton DT70410 MultiDekton DT70452G Hi-Vis CableDekton DT70532 50pc O-RingDekton DT70542 10pc Tent Purpose Polypropylene RopeTies 4.8mm x 250mm 50pc Assortment Peg SetYellow 6mm X 30mHARDWAREMulti-purpose rope for general use. Heavy duty, rot and tear resistant. 100 feet (30m) long. 1/4" thick.Code UnitDEKDT70410 EachDekton DT70412 MultiHeavy duty made from 100% industrialPack of 10. Ideal for camping & Purpose Polypropylene Ropestrength with high temperatureIdeal for plumbing, garage orgardening.Red 10mm X 30m resistance. Suitable for tidying cables,workshop. Includes an assortment of piping gardening, organizing electrical12 different sizes. Sizes included: 3 xCode Unitwires, pc laptop cords, and many other19.1 x 25.4mm, 3 x 19.1 x 23.8mm, 3 xDEKDT70542 Eachuses. High tensile strength and flexible20.6 x 27mm, 3 x 17.5 x 22.2mm, 5 x material - ideal for interior and exterior15.9 x 19.1mm, 3 x 15.9 x 20.6mm, 3Dekton DT70550 All Purpose use. Self-locking teeth allows you tox 11.1 x 15.9mm, 3 x 12.7 x 17.5mm, 3 x securely organize any group of cables14.3 x 19.1mm, 8 x 9.5 x 12.7mm, 5 xHooks 2" 3pcMulti-purpose rope for general use.or wires. High visibility and easily seen9.5 x 14.3mm, 8 x 6.4 x 9.5mm.Heavy duty, rot and tear resistant.in the dark. Code Unit100 feet (30m) long. 3/8" thick. Code Unit DEKDT70532 EachCode Unit DEKDT70452G EachDEKDT70412 Each Dekton DT70534 Picture Dekton Cable Ties Hanging KitDekton DT70414 Multi Purpose Polypropylene Rope Black 13mm X 30m3 x 2" hooks. Plastic coating prevents scratches. Ideal for use in garden sheds, workshop and around the home.Code UnitDEKDT70550 EachMulti-purpose rope for general use.Dekton DT70552 4pc Clip Heavy duty, rot and tear resistant.Grip Handle Holders100 feet (30m) long. 1/2" thick. Heavy duty made from 100% An assortment of picture hooks, Code Unit industrial strength with highnails & a line level. Everything you DEKDT70414 Each temperature resistance. Suitablerequire for hanging mirrors or for tidying cables, piping gardening,frames. Complete with nails & line organizing electrical wires, pc laptoplevel. Ideal for hanging mirrors or Dekton DT70416 Waxedcords, and many other uses. Highframes.Cotton Sash Cord 6mm Xtensile strength and flexible material. 12.5m Ideal for interior and exterior use. Self- Code Unitlocking teeth allows you to securelyDEKDT70534 Eachorganize any group of cables or wires.Code Colour Unit Dekton DT70540 10pc U HookIdeal for hanging mops, brushes, 2.5mm x 150mm Set brooms and garden tools. Plastic DEKDT70455 White 150pc coating prevents scratches.Cotton rope for use with sashDEKDT70456 Black 150pc Code Unitwindows and pulley systems. Waxed4.8mm x 200mm DEKDT70552 Eachcotton construction. 41 ft (12.5m)DEKDT70460 White 60pclong. 15/64" (6mm) thick. Dekton DT70554 Utility DEKDT70461 Black 60pc Hooks 8mm 2pcCode Unit 4.8mm x 250mmDEKDT70416 Each DEKDT70465 White 50pcDekton PVC Clothes Line 3mmDEKDT70466 Black 50pcx 15m 4.8mm x 300mmDEKDT70470 White 40pcDEKDT70471 Black 40pc4.8mm x 380mm Ideal for use gardening, camping, DEKDT70475 White 30pc building and decorating. Secures DEKDT70476 Black 30pc tarpaulin and ground sheets easily. Ideal for use as a washing line9.0mm x 1000mm Pack of 10.or rope. Heavy duty rot and tear resistant. 15m (50ft) Long. 3mmDEKDT70485 White 6pc Code Unit Plastic coating prevents scratches. thick. DEKDT70484 Black 6pc DEKDT70540 Each Ideal for hanging ladders, bicycles, Code Core Unit 9.0mm x 500mm tools, hoses and wood. 8mm Pack of 2.DEKDT70417 Plastic Each DEKDT70481 White 10pc Code UnitDEKDT70418 Steel Each DEKDT70480 Black 10pc DEKDT70554 Each22 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'