b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESKNIVES & BLADES HAND TOOLSBLADES KNIVESStanley 1-11-221 (5901) Blades Stanley 8-11-921 BladesHilkaRetractable TrimmingHilka Hobby Knife & Blade Set Display Of 100 Knife & 4 Blades 17pcKNIVES & BLADES The original and best heavy duty, Straight general purpose light dutygeneral purpose blade Interchangeable heat treated blade for modelling and craft work Blades fit all standard Stanleyblades for precise control. Ideal forF or use with 10-590 Craft Knife knives modelling, craftwork and handicrafts.Ideal for carpet, vinyl and any otherHigh quality carbon steel blade withThree aluminium handles withCode Unit material requiring a stiffer andaluminium alloy construction. Softinterchangeable grip and integrated STA111221 Box 50 stronger blade grip handle and easy blade change.magnetic blade storage strip in Supplied with 4 blades. storage case. Contains: 11 x assorted Code Unit scalpels and 2 x chisel tips.Stanley 1-11-300 9mm BladesCode UnitBox 100 STA811921 Box 100 HIL74900006 Each Code UnitStanley Trimming Knife Blades HIL73200017 EachHilka 74508410 Lock Back Folding Knife Hilka Retractable Folding Utility Knife Spare blade dispenser with bladebreaker and storage of used segments12 breakable blade segmentsCode Size UnitSTA111300 9mm Box 100 The original and best heavy duty, general purpose blade. Blades fit all Stanley 1-11-301 18mm Bladesstandard Stanley knives. Ideal for Box 100 carpet, vinyl and any other material requiring a stiffer and strongerRetractable folding knife with belt clip blade. Heavy duty zinc alloy push buttondesigned to fold in half and fit neatly in Code Type Unit blade change. 5 pce blade dispenser. the pocket or on the belt. Retractable blade for safe use with spare blades STA011921 0-11-921 Pk 5 Code Unit stored in the handle. Supplied withSpare blade dispenser with bladethree blades and quick release STA111921 1-11-921 Box 100 HIL74508410 Eachbreaker and storage of usedfor convenient use. Comfortable segments STA211921 2-11-921 Pk 10 carded ergonomic zinc alloy handle. 7 breakable blade segments STA311921 3-11-921 Pk 10 loose Hilka 74900001 Retractable Code UnitSTA411921 4-11-921 Box 400 Trim KnifeCode Size Unit HIL74509002 EachSTA111301 18mm Box 100KNIVES Hilka Snap Off KnifeStanley 1-11-952 (5192)Eclipse H/Duty Retractable Blades Utility Knife Display Box-8 Concave blade for precision cuts onErgonomic design, blade storage leather and marquetry in handle. Zinc alloy construction,Automatic blade change lengthIdeal where accuracy is paramount die-cast body. 135mm. Cartridge with 3 x 9mm Ideal for cutting tough materials,Ideal for all models except 10-550eg carpeting, roofing felt and vinylCode Unit blades with 12 snap off sections. Titan Fixed blade Knife and 10-199flooring. Tightening wheel ensuresHIL74900001 Each Code Size Unit199E Fixed Blade Knife blade held securely in use. Hinged body assist quick blade change. HIL74008509 9mm EachCode Unit Hilka 74900005 RetractableHIL74008518 18mm EachSTA111952 Box 100 Code Unit Knife Soft GripNEIE1780 Each Irwin 10504236 Pro-Touch Stanley Snap Off Blades Retractable KnifeEclipse Retractable Utility Knife Display Box-12Spare blade dispenser with blade breaker and storage of usedQuick blade change facilitysegmentsMagnet holds working blade in place12 breakable blade segmentsWith soft grip handle and easy bladePush button access enables tool-Code Size Unit General purpose retractable blade changing. With display card. free entrySTA211300 9mm 5-pk Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSTA211301 18mm 5-pk NEIE1770 Each HIL74900005 Each NEW10504236 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 251'