b'HAND TOOLSBOLT / SCREW EXTRACTOR SETSBOLT / SCREW EXTRACTOR SETS HAND TOOLSSilverline 467893 DamagedSilverline 675174 DamagedSilverline 969752 ScrewSilverline DA70 Screw Bolt Remover Set 10pc Screw Remover Set 50mm Extractor Set 3 - 25mm 6pc Extractor Set 3 - 18mm 5pcBOLT / SCREW EXTRACTOR SETS, BOLT CUTTERS & CARPET FITTING TOOLSRemoves damaged bolts and screws Will fit heads sized 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,Remove damaged screws withoutIncludes sizes 3-6, 6-8, 8-11, 11-14,that cannot be removed with a 15, 16, 17 and 19mm. damaging surrounding material. 14-18 and 18-25mm. standard screwdriver.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL467893 Each SIL675174 Each SIL969752 Each SILDA70 EachBOLT CUTTERSHilka 29186608 Bolt Cutters 8 Irwin High Tensile Bolt Cutters Silverline (286919) ExpertStanley Bolt CroppersBolt Cutters End Cut 600mm / 24 End-cut high-tensile, drop-forgedDrop forged chrome molybdenumGeneral purpose cutters for wire andhandles steel jaws for durability and strength.small bolts. Clip card packed. Two dropped forged steel handles Code Size UnitCode Size UnitDrop-forged jaws from a special steel Double-hardened chromeSTA195563 14 Each Produces resilient body and rigidmolybdenum jaws and forged HIL29186608 8 (200mm) Each STA195564 18 Eachcutting edge handles for strength and control. Eccentric bolt for precise bladeSTA195565 24 EachHilka Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters Code Size Unit adjustment. Designed for use where NEWTBC918H 18 (457mm) Each access is restricted. Jaw capacityCARPET FITTING NEWTBC924H 24 (600mm) Each 8mm. TOOLSCode UnitRecord End Cut Jaws ForSIL286919 Each Silverline (996929) Expert BC924E Carpet Bolster 100mmSilverline Bolt CutterIndustrial quality bolt cutters suitable for cutting material up to 40 HRC. Jaws hardened to HRC 58-50. Display packaging.A bolt cutter consists of two Code Size Unit drop-forged steel handles, which open and close the jaws through aHeavy duty, drop-forged steel carpet HIL29186614 14 (350mm) Each compound action. This action meansbolster for setting carpet into gripper HIL29186618 18 (457mm) Each that every pound of force applied toHigh leverage jaws, hardened forstrips, stair treads and gullies, and for HIL29186624 24 (600mm) Each the handles is amplified to producelong life. Plastic handle grips. Cutscreasing carpet along wall line. Tough 80lbs of force between the jaws. hardened steel. polypropylene sleeve overlaps base of blade for protection and comfortable Irwin Bolt Cutters Code Unit grip. Steel striking face allows tapping Code Size Unit in with a hammer or mallet for a tight NEWTJ924E Pair SILCT19 300mm (5mm Jaw) Each fit. Blade width 100mm.Record Spare Jaws For BoltSILCT21 450mm (6mm Jaw) Each Code UnitCutter SILCT22 600mm (8mm Jaw) Each SIL996929 EachSILCT23 900mm (12mm Jaw) EachSilverline 237461 Carpet Silverline CT20 Mini BoltBolster 75mm End-cut high-tensile, drop-forgedCutter 200mm handles T wo dropped forged steel handles A bolt cutter consists of twoDrop-forged jaws from a specialdrop-forged steel handles, whichsteel open and close the jaws through aProduces resilient body and rigidcompound action. This action means that every pound of force applied toDrop-forged steel bolster, chrome-cutting edge the handles is amplified to produceplated to reduce marking. Ensures Code Size Unit 80lbs of force between the jaws. tight carpet edging by tucking under grippers and skirting boards. Ideal NEWT918H 18 (457mm) Each Code Model Unit Chrome vanadium jaws. Highfor carpet fitters and DIY. Oversized NEWT924H 24 (600mm) Each NEWTJ918H J918H Pair leverage compound action. Plasticsurface allows tapping in for a NEWT930H 30 (750mm) Each NEWTJ924H J924H Pair grips with handle lock. tighter fit.NEWT936H 36 (900mm) Each NEWTJ930H J930H Pair Code Unit Code UnitNEWT942H 42 (1066mm) Each NEWTJ936H J936H Pair SILCT20 Each SIL237461 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 223'