b'GARDENING & OUTDOORPLANTSGARDENING & OUTDOORPLANTS PRUNING SAWSSilverline 229819 Fruit PickerSilverline 264904 HangingBulldog BD811 Long Arm TreeSilverline 260331 Tri-Cut 158mm Growing Tube 700 x 220mm Pruner Folding Saw 240mmFolding pruning saw featuring supersharp, tri-cut, triple-ground teeth. Features a soft rubber-grip handle and blade-lock mechanism.Code UnitThe design of this tree pruner allows PLANTS, PRUNING SAWS & PUNNERS & RAMMERS you to both prune and cut at aSIL260331 Eachlength of 2.4 metres when used with Chrome-plated metal picking teeththe handle. Silverline 868611 Pruning Saw with cotton cloth collection bag. 13 2 Pulley system & Sheath 275mmteeth. 280mm height. For harvesting and collecting fruit. Compatible with Curved bypass cutting bladeSilverline Extension Poles (250175,Code Unit250182, 633699 and 220164).BULBD811-BD699B EachCode Unit Tough, polyethylene, reusable SIL229819 Each growing tube, UV treated for longS/L SW21 Pruning Saw 21 life. Features 8 planting slits. Helps525mmSilverline 240028 3-Ringreduce the risk of pest infestationTriple-ground, pruning saw, cuts in both Plant Support 450mm and no need for weeding ordirections. 275mm blade. Supplied with supports. holster and belt clip. 6tpi.Code Unit Code UnitSIL264904 Each SIL868611 EachPUNNERS & RAMMERSSilverline 552517 PlantStrong oval section frame tapered Markers 150mm for access between branches.Bulldog SP10S Tubular Handle Ergonomic handle, integrated hand guard, quick-release tensioner forSquare Punner 10lbeasy blade changing. Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade with protective plastic sleeve. For pruning large bushes and trees.Aluminium and green plasticCode Unitconstruction. 3 x stakes with 3 xSILSW21 Eachrings. Height 450mm. Ring sizes: Handle length 48 (1219mm) 140mm, 155mm and 175mm dia.Steel tubular handleProvides support for growing plants,Silverline (760642) Tri-Cut One piece head design including vegetables. Folds down flatSaw 500mm 7tpiSolid cast headfor convenient storage.Made In Britain Code UnitHead weight 10lb (225g) SIL240028 Each Pack of polypropylene markers, idealCode Unitfor use in containers and borders forBULSP10S EachSilverline 261137 Potatorecording specific plant information.Planting Bag 360 x 510mm Bulldog TAM10S Square Head Code Unit Low-friction blade coating and triple- Tamper 9 with 4 Steel HandleSIL552517 Pack 16 ground teeth for fast cutting through hard, soft and artificial wood. Cuts Silverline 856168 Gardenon forward and reverse strokes. Soft-grip handle.Plant RingsCode UnitSIL760642 EachCode UnitSilverline 245077 ExtendableBULTAM10S EachPruning Saw 1.5 - 2.5mSilverline 456901 Forged Tamper 1500mm 4.8kgTough, woven plastic bag planter, suitable for growing all varietiesHeavy duty extendable pruning of potato. Each bag requires justPolypropylene set of rings forsaw with tri-cut blade. Perfect forFor compacting earth and hardcore 3-5 seed potatoes in 40 litres ofsupporting plants in the garden andreaching high branches. Pole sectionsin preparation for paths and patches compost. Unique design allows easygreenhouse. Includes 20, 25 andlock in place for extra safety. Theof tarmac. All-steel construction access to potatoes. Integral drainage30mm. durable triple ground blade is shapedincluding extra heavy-duty tubular holes in base. Side carry handles. for easier branch cutting. handle 1500mm long.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL261137 Each SIL856168 Pack 51s SIL245077 Each SIL456901 Each176 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'