b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSCABLE TIESCABLE TIES CARRIAGE BOLTS CHEMICAL ANCHORS FIXINGS & FASTENERSHilka Cable Ties Carriage Bolt Zinc Plated Securit Carriage Bolts, Nuts &Everbuild AnchorsetWashers Zinc PlatedCode Size (mm) Unit Code Size UnitBlack M10 BagHIL79200150 3.6 x 150 Bag 100 FOR10CB1050 50mm 10CABLE TIES, CARRIAGE BOLTS, CHEMICAL ANCHORS & COVER CAPSHIL79250200 4.8 x 200 Bag 100 FOR10CB1065 65mm 10 Anchorset Green 150 is a styrene HIL79250400 7.2 x 400 Bag 50 FOR10CB1075 75mm 10 Code Size Unit free anchor fixing resin packed using a twin bag system for application Grey FOR10CB10100 100mm 10 M6 Pack with a standard sealant gun.HIL79048250 4.8 x 250 Bag 50 FOR10CB10110 110mm 10 MPSS8501 50mm 4White FOR10CB10130 130mm 10 M8 Pack Code Size UnitFOR10CB10150 150mm 10 MPSS8506 75mm 2 GreenHIL79100150 3.6 x 150 Bag 100 EVEANCHGREEN150 150ml EachHIL79150200 4.8 x 200 Bag 100 FOR10CB10160 160mm 10 EVEANCHGREEN 300ml EachHIL79075300 7.2 x 300 Bag 50 FOR10CB10180 180mm 10 Timco Carriage Bolts Zinc HIL79050400 7.2 x 400 Bag 50 FOR10CB10200 200mm 10 Plated RedEVEANCHRED 300ml EachFOR10CB10240 240mm 10 Spare NozzleHilka Assorted Cable Ties TubFOR10CB10280 280mm 10of 650 EVEMETONOZ4 EachFOR10CB10300 300mm 10M12 Bag COVER CAPSFOR5CB1275 75mm 5FOR5CB12100 100mm 5 Screw Cover Cap HingedFOR5CB12130 130mm 5Code Size UnitFOR5CB12150 150mm 5 M10 BoxFOR5CB12180 180mm 5 TIM1050CB 50mm 50Strong nylon construction cableFOR5CB12200 200mm 5ties with self locking teeth. SuitableFOR5CB12240 240mm 5 TIM1075CB 75mm 50 100 Per Bagfor jobs around the house andTIM10100CB 100mm 25automotive use. M6 Bag TIM10110CB 110mm 25 Code Colour Unit650pk - 300 pce x 4(2.5 x 100mm),FOR10CB640 40mm 10 FOR100HCC0 White Bag 100200pc x 6 (3.6 x 150mm), 150pc xTIM10130CB 130mm 258 (4.8 x 200mm). FOR10CB650 50mm 10 TIM10150CB 150mm 25 FOR100HCC1 Brown Bag 100Code Unit FOR10CB665 65mm 10 TIM10160CB 160mm 25 FOR100HCC10 Grey Bag 100HIL79300650 Each FOR10CB675 75mm 10 TIM10180CB 180mm 25 FOR100HCC14 Green Bag 100FOR10CB6100 100mm 10 TIM10200CB 200mm 10 FOR100HCC2 Black Bag 100Fixman Roller Ball Ties 50pce FOR10CB6130 130mm 10 TIM10220CB 220mm 10 FOR100HCC3 Beige Bag 100FOR10CB6150 150mm 10 TIM10260CB 260mm 25 FOR100HCC4 Teak Bag 100M8 Bag M12 Box FOR100HCC9 Yellow Bag 100FOR10CB840 40mm 10 TIM1275CB 75mm 25FOR10CB850 50mm 10 Large Hinged Cover CapsMarine grade stainless steel ties withFOR10CB865 65mm 10 TIM12100CB 100mm 25excellent resistance to corrosion,TIM12130CB 130mm 10weathering and abrasion. LockingFOR10CB875 75mm 10 TIM12150CB 150mm 10ball mechanism allows quick, simpleFOR10CB890 90mm 10 TIM12180CB 180mm 10installation. Strong and secureFOR10CB8100 100mm 10fastening of pipes, cables and hose.TIM12200CB 200mm 10Rounded edges for safety. FOR10CB8110 110mm 10 TIM12240CB 240mm 10FOR10CB8130 130mm 10 100 Per BagCode Size Unit FOR10CB8150 150mm 10 M6 Box Code Colour UnitSIL421226 200mm Each FOR10CB8160 160mm 10 TIM0630CB 30mm 200 FOR100HCC0L White Bag 100SIL404155 300mm Each FOR10CB8180 180mm 10 TIM0640CB 40mm 200 FOR100HCC1L Brown Bag 100TIM0650CB 50mm 200Fixman (533581) Nylon CableFOR10CB8200 200mm 10 TIM0665CB 65mm 100 FOR100HCC2L Black Bag 100Ties 1000pce TIM0675CB 75mm 100Screw Cover Cap PoziTIM06100CB 100mm 100M8 BoxTIM0830CB 30mm 100Black and white nylon ties. Ideal forTIM0840CB 40mm 100wire management and bundling100 Per Bagapplications. Resistant to temperaturesTIM0850CB 50mm 100between -4C and 85C. Includes 300TIM0865CB 65mm 50 Code Colour Unitx white (100 x 2.5mm); 300 x blackTIM0875CB 75mm 50 FOR100PCC0 White Bag 100(100 x 2.5mm); 200 x black (200 xWE HAVE A HUGE 3.6mm); 150 x white (200 x 3.6mm)TIM0890CB 90mm 50 FOR100PCC1 Brown Bag 100and 50 x white (300 x 4.5mm). CHOICE OF FIXINGS & FASTENERS FORTIM08100CB 100mm 50 FOR100PCC10 Grey Bag 100Code Unit TIM08130CB 130mm 50 FOR100PCC3 Beige Bag 100SIL533581 Each ALL APPLICATIONS TIM08150CB 150mm 25 FOR100PCC4 Teak Bag 100Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 131'