b'DECORATINGOILS & KNOTTINGDECORATINGOILS & KNOTTINGRonseal Anti-bacterialRonseal Perfect FinishRustins Boiled Linseed Oil Rustins Raw Linseed OilWorktop Oil Ultimate Decking Oil 2.5LOILS & KNOTTINGBoiled linseed oil is used for finishingA natural nourishing treatment for Nourish your decking while givingmost bare timber and suitable forwood, including cricket bats, and as it a beautiful natural finish withreplacing the natural sheen that wooda lubricant for french polishing. Also Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. Itscan lose after long periods drying inused for softening putty that has tough against changeable weatherthe sun. Boiled linseed oil containsbecome stiff.special additives which speed the Prevents bacterial growth, protectsconditions and can cope with generaldrying process. Will also waterproofCode Unitagainst MRSA and E Coli, nourisheswear and tear. It also lasts twice asground sheets and tarpaulins.the wood and leaves a natural finish.long as other decking oils so youRUSLINS125 125ml EachIdeal for breakfast bars, kitchencan enjoy a good looking deckingCode Unit RUSLINS300 300ml Eachsurfaces and hardwood worktops.for longer. RUSBOIL125 125ml EachLasts up to six months and leaves your wood looking silky smooth. Code Colour Unit RUSBOIL300 300ml Each Rustins Slip Resistant RON36940 Dark Oak Each Decking Oil 2.5LCode Size Unit RON36941 Teak Each Rustins Original Danish OilRON36223 500ml Each RON36942 Mahogany EachRON36224 1L EachRonseal Ultimate Protection Ronseal Ultimate ProtectionHardwood Furniture OilDecking OilA unique formulation developed byRustins Textured Decking Oil Rustins that is suitable for all typescontains agents to improve the slip of wood. It differs from Teak Oil inresistance in wet and dry conditions that it contains special ingredientson exterior timber decking and to give it a low lustre finish. It is antimber walkways. UV absorbers and easy to use wipe on finish, whichbiocide to protect the oil from mould brings out the beauty of the timberand will allow the natural beauty of and gives a natural, open grained,the wood to show through.soft lustrous finish. Code UnitOur water-based Ultimate ProtectionCode Unit RUSSRDOIL2500 EachNourish your decking while givingHardwood Garden Furniture Oil isRUSDANO250 250ml Eachit a beautiful natural finish withdesigned for use on any hardwoodRUSDANO500 500ml Each Rustins Teak Oil 250mlUltimate Protection Decking Oil. Itsgarden furniture. By nourishing andRUSDANO1000 1L Eachtough against changeable weatherprotecting the wood, the oil helps conditions and can cope with generalyour garden furniture last long in theRUSDANO2500 2.5L Eachwear and tear. It also lasts twice asrain and sun. RUSDANO5000 5L Eachlong as other decking oils so you can enjoy a good looking deckingCode Colour Unit Rustins Knottingfor longer. 1LRON37356 Natural Clear EachCode Colour Unit RON37357 Natural Oak Each2.5LRON37358 Natural Teak EachRON36933 Natural Each500mlRON36934 Natural Cedar EachRON35823 NaturalClear EachRON36935 Natural Oak Each Based on special vegetable oils RON37355 Natural Clear Each and resins to give a quick drying RON36936 Natural Pine Each penetrating seal to Teak, Cedar and RON36938 Dark Oak Each Ronseal 37567 Wood Oil Clearall bare wood. Easily applied with a RON36939 Teak Each 1L Knotting for sealing knots, resinousbrush or cloth. Gives an attractive 4L+25% and creosoted timber to preventsheen on interior and exterior bleeding through paint film.surfaces.RON38524 Natural Each Sandpaper surface smooth before RON38525 Natural Cedar Each applying liberally over knots andCode Unitsurrounding area. Do not sandpaperRUSTEAK250 EachRON38526 Natural Oak Each knotting once applied. Resinous and RON38527 Teak Each creosoted timber should be sealed RON38528 Dark Oak Each completely with 2 coats.5L Code Size UnitRON37295 Dark Oak Each NaturalRON37296 Teak Each RUSKNOT125 125ml EachRON37297 Natural Each RUSKNOT300 300ml EachRON37298 Natural Cedar Each WhiteRON37299 Natural Oak Each Code Unit RUSKNOW125 125ml EachRON37300 Natural Pine Each RON37567 Each RUSKNOW300 300ml Each78 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'