b'IRONMONGERYCHAIN & FITTINGSIRONMONGERYCHAIN & FITTINGSHEAVY FITTINGS HEAVY FITTINGS LIGHT CHAIN SLEEVED CHAINSecurit Dee Shackle Zinc Plated Silverline (331865) GroundSecurit Oval Link Chain 10m Securit Security ChainAnchor 65mmCHAIN & FITTINGS Code Size UnitBrass PlatedMPSB5624BULK 12mm EachCode Size Unit MPSB5625BULK 16mm EachMPSS5689 5mm Card Chrome PlatedMPSS5690 6mm Card MPSB5621BULK 12mm EachMPSS5691 8mm Card Hardened steel plate andMPSB5622BULK 16mm Eachweatherproof powder-coated finish. Securit Quick Links Zinc Plated Accepts steel cables and chainsSecurit Sink Chain 300mm Finish: Zinc.to 50mm wide and 56mm high. Secures bikes, motorbikes and otherCode Size (mm) Unitvehicles, garden furniture, lawnMPSB1282BULK 6 x 1000 Eachmowers and tools. Bolts down on any solid surface and can be wall or floorMPSB1286BULK 8 x 1000 Eachmounted. Includes M10 x 70 metalMPSB1290BULK 10 x 1000mm Eachground anchor bolts and steel ballsCode Type Unitfor tamper-resistant installation. Brass MPSB1291BULK 10 x 1200mm EachMPSS6845 Ball Card MPSB1292BULK 10 x 1500mm EachSecurit S5679 3mmQuick link zincCode Unit Chrome MPSB1293BULK 10 x 2000mm Eachplated SIL331865 Each MPSS6825 Link CardCode Size Unit Silverline Sleeved High MPSS6827 With stay Card Security ChainMPSS5679 3mm Card LIGHT CHAIN MPSS6829 Ball CardMPSS5680 4mm CardMPSS5681 5mm Card Securit Ball Chain ChromeLIGHT CHAIN FITTINGSMPSS5682 6mm Card 10mMPSS5683 8mm Card Securit S Hook 32mmSecurit S Hook Zinc PlatedHigh specification links produced Code Size Unit from 10mm thick hardened steel. Large internal link size (16mm x MPSB5633BULK Size 6 Pair Code Finish Unit 50mm) for use with large shackles. MPSS5642 Brass Card Compatible with Armoured padlock Securit Bath Chain 450mm MPSS5643 Chrome Card 633702 (not included).Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSS5697 3mm Card Securit Ball Chain Fittings SIL580457 600mm EachMPSS5698 4mm Card SIL656609 900mm EachMPSS5699 5mm Card SIL719795 1200mm EachMPSS5700 6mm CardSilverline Steel Security ChainSecurit Snap Hook Zinc Plated Code Type Unit Code Size UnitBrass MPSS5647 No. 6 CardMPSS6846 Ball CardChrome Securit S5644 Connecting MPSS6826 Link Card Hook Brass / Chrome PlatedMPSS6828 With stay CardMPSS6830 Ball CardSecurit Chandelier Chain 10mCode Size UnitMPSS5684 5mm CardMPSS5685 6mm Card Code Size UnitMPSS5686 8mm Card MPSS5644 22mm Card Fully hardened steel links. Increased link size (16mm x 38mm internal) for use with larger padlock shackles. Securit S5646 TrianglesPVC sheath for weather resistance.Brass / Chrome PlatedCode Size Unit Code Size UnitBrass Plated SIL868671 600mm EachQUALITYMPSB5629BULK 19mm Each SIL282497 900mm EachPRODUCTS AT AChrome Plated Heavy dutyMPSB5627BULK 12mm Each Code Unit SIL675170 1200mm EachGREAT PRICE MPSB5628BULK 16mm Each MPSS5646 Card SIL633679 1500mm Each380 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'