b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSHAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPIPE CUTTERSHilka 20017000 Pipe CutterMonument 15PC PipecutterMonument 1728Q PipesliceMonument 265B Size 1 Tube 3-30mm 15mm 28mm Cutter 4-28mmPLUMBERS TOOLSHigh quality adjustable, copper pipe cutter tool that ensures a square even cut.Adjustable with HSS blade and two All parts liable to wear are heatrollers. Cuts 3-30mm with reamerThe Monument Autocut Pipe Cuttertreatedand spare blade. has an aluminium body. Its compact F or copper, brass, aluminium Code Unit Monument automatic pipe cuttersize means that it is ideal for workand polythene, the fluted handle is ideal for cutting copper pipe inin confined spacesNot for use oncontains a spare wheelHIL20017000 Each confined spaces. A tough ABS housingstainless steel.It also has an integrated pipe- covers the steel mechanism whichCode Size Unit deburrerHilka 20017400 Mini Pipetakes any strain. Easy to use it cuts Cutter 3-22mm once the gate of the tool is closed overMON1728Q 28mm Each Code Size Unitthe pipe. Cuts in two directions. MON265B 4 - 28mm EachCode Size Unit Monument AutocutMON15PC 15mm Each Monument 266E Size 2A Tube MON22PC 22mm Each Cutter 12-44mmMonument 15R Handle For 15pcHigh quality adjustable, copper pipe cutter tool that ensures a square For work in confined spaces. Cutseven cut.in one direction. Only cut the exact All parts liable to wear are heat Handy cutter for 3-22mm tube HSS steel blade and twin rollers. sizes of copper pipe specified. MadetreatedThe Monument MON15R suit 15PCfrom zinc pressure diecast bodies.For copper, brass, aluminium Code Unit Automatic Pipe Cutter and 1715 pipeMade in England. and polythene, the fluted handle HIL20017400 Each cutters. Made from bright zinc platedCode Size Unit contains a spare wheelstock.It also has an integrated pipe-MON1808O 8mm EachHilka 20020100 PVC PipeCode Unit deburrerMON1810R 10mm EachCutter MON15R Each Code Size UnitMON1715C 15mm EachMON266E 12 - 44mm EachMonument Autocut 15 &MON1722Y 22mm Each22mm Twin Pack Monument 300m Pipe Cutter Monument 2644Q Plastic8-22mmPipecutter 28mmStrong ABS plastic pipe cutter. MadeMonument Semi-Automatic Pipe from aluminium die casting withMonument Plastic Pipe CutterCutter enables 8-22 mm diameter hardened blade. Ratchet action willeffective on PVC, polybutylene,copper and thicker walled plastic For work in confined spaces. CutsMDP, polyethylene, HEP20, plasticpipes such as those used in Central cut up to 42mm conduit or piping. in one direction. Only cut the exactoverflow pipe, plastic electricalheating to be cut automatically once Code Unit sizes of copper pipe specified. Madeconduit, supertube, mini trunking,it has been sized and tightened.from zinc pressure diecast bodies.rubber hose, pneumatic pipe and HIL20020100 Each Made in England. electrical sleeving. Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Size Unit MON300M 8 - 22mm EachHilka Auto Pipe CutterMON1715C1722Y Each MON2644Q 28mm Each Monument Heavy Duty Plastic Monument 2691G Spares KitMonument 264Y Size 0 TubePipecutterfor Autocut 15 & 22mm Cutter 3-22mmMonument Plastic Pipe Cutter Simple one hand use. Cuts in twoSpares kit to suit both 15 & 22mmeffective on PVC, polybutylene, directions. Gives clean cut on copperAutocut Pipe Cutters. Supplied withMDP, polyethylene, HEP20, plastic pipe. Made from zinc alloy. 2x Cutter Wheels, 2x Wheel Pins.A high quality tool, it assures aoverflow pipe, plastic electrical conduit, Springs for 15 & 22mm. Not for usesquare even cut and all parts liablesupertube, mini trunking, rubber hose, Code Size Unit on stainless steel. to wear are heat treated. pneumatic pipe and electrical sleeving.HIL20018015 15mm Each Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitHIL20018022 22mm Each MON2691G Each MON264Y 3 - 22mm Each MON2645T Each280 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'