b'HAND TOOLSPUNCHESHAND TOOLSPUNCHESLETTER & NUMBER PUNCHES NAIL PUNCHES PIN PUNCHESHilka Number & Letter PunchSilverline 273197 Letter &Stanley 0-58-912 DynagripEclipse 9180 Pin Driver Set Number Stamp Set 5mm 36pc Nailpunch Set 2/32 2.5mmPUNCHES In tempered steel for long life Code Size Unit Elastomer handle for a good hand grip Longer reach for less-accessibleNEI9180 2.5mm Eachplaces Long bevelled point for a betterEclipse Parallel PunchalignmentThree coded sizes, coloured for 5mm upper case letters andbetter identificationHeat treated 5mm letters andnumbers stamp set. Hardened andCode Size Unitnumbers in a plastic case. tempered. Wooden storage box. STA058912 4mm Each Used to punch out pins and dowels.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL62990036 Each SIL273197 Each Stanley 0-58-913 Dynagrip Nailpunch Set 3/32 100mmNAIL PUNCHES NEI161AA 1/16 EachNEI161A 3/32 EachEclipse 9185 Nail Driver 4mm Silverline 412456 Nail PunchNEI161B 1/8 EachSet 127mm 3pc NEI161CC 5/32 Each In tempered steel for long life NEI161C 3/16 Each Elastomer handle for a good hand grip NEI161DD 7/32 Each Longer reach for less-accessibleNEI161D 1/4 Eachplaces 150mmCode Size UnitLong bevelled point for a better alignment NEI161E 5/16 EachNEI9185 4mm EachThree coded sizes, coloured forNEI161FF 3/8 Eachbetter identification 9 Piece SetHilka 62990003 Nail PunchPrecision milled and fully hardened Set 3pc carbon steel. Includes sizes 1/32,Code Unit NEI161W Various Each2/32 and 3/32. Square, colour- STA058913 Eachcoded PP jackets provide extra grip. Silverline PC12 Pin Punch Set Code Unit Stanley 0-58-930 Dynagrip8pc 2.4-9.5mmSIL412456 Each Nailpunch Set 3pcSilverline PC14 Nail Punch Set 5pc 1.5 - 5mmDrop forged heat treated steel. Knurled body for sure grip. Size: 0.8, In tempered steel for long life1.5, and 2.5mm. Elastomer handle for a good hand200mm long. Includes 2.4, 3.2,Code Unit Hardened and tempered steel. Sizes:grip 4, 4.8, 5.6, 6.4, 7.9 and 9.5mm HIL62990003 Each 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm. Longer reach for less-accessiblepunches.places Code UnitCode UnitLong bevelled point for a better Priory Heavy Duty Nail PunchSILPC14 Each alignment SILPC12 EachSquare Three coded sizes, coloured for Stanley 0-58-911 Dynagripbetter identification Stanley 4-18-226 6 Piece Pin Nailpunch Set 1/32Set consists of - 0.8, 1.6, 2.4mm Punch SetCode UnitSTA058930 EachHardened and tempered cupped point. Manufactured from qualityStanley 1-58-501 Fatmax carbon tool steel all punches haveInterchange Nail Setsquare heads. Packed Individually or as sets in PVC wallets with header In tempered steel for long life cards and Euro slots for tool bar Elastomer handle for a good handdisplay. gripCode Size Unit Longer reach for less-accessible placesPRI66132 1/32 Each Long bevelled point - for a better PRI66116 1/16 Each alignmentPRI66332 3/32 EachThree coded sizes, coloured forSet consists of 1/6 & 1/32 PRI6618 1/8 Each better identification interchangeable tips. Quality chrome vanadium steel.PRI66532 5/32 Each Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitPRI66316 3/16 Each STA058911 0.8mm Each STA158501 Each STA418226 Each286 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'