b'PLUMBINGWASHING MACHINE FITTINGSPLUMBINGWASHING MACHINEWASHING MACHINE HOSEFITTINGSOracstar Inlet Hose 90 BendOracstar Inlet Hose 90 BendOracstar Outlet Hose Grey Make PRO086 WashingRed Bagged Blue Bagged BaggedMachine Outlet Self-Cutting KitWASHING MACHINE FITTINGS, WASHING MACHINE HOSE & WASTE AND PLUGSAppliance outlet hose, which is ideal for extending or replacing existing hose connecting to a washing machine or dishwasher. Includes a Durable inlet hose, which carriesDurable inlet hose, which carrieshose support rest for improved flow. water to the washing machine orwater to the washing machine orOur outlet hoses carry dirty water dishwasher and can be for hotdishwasher and can be used for coldaway from appliances and will feed supplies. supplies. directly into a waste trap or pipe.A high quality self-cutting washing machine outlet kit available in whiteCode Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size Unitand suitable for connecting theORACPPH17 1.5m Each ORACPPH18 1.5m Each ORACPPH27 1.5m Eachoutlet hose to the waste pipe. ORACPPH19 2.5m Each ORACPPH20 2.5m Each ORACPPH31 2.5m EachCode UnitMAKPRO086 Each WASTE AND PLUGSMake PRO104 Y PieceMake PRO010 Stainless SteelMake PRO037 Basket StrainerMake PRO102 Stainless Steel Appliance Hose Connector Basket Strainer Square Overflow Vanity Basin Waste 1 1/4Modern basket strainer in stainless steel. Aesthetically pleasing look. Long lasting durability for a wide range of kitchen sinks. Available with A high quality Y piece appliancea 1 1/2 fit. Ideal plumbing product.Stainless steel basket strainer withA high quality vanity basin waste hose connector for easy and quickQuick and easy install. square overflow. Aesthetically pleasingsuitable for the removal of water. connection. Available in white withlook for long lasting durability.Essential plumbing product. easy fit installation. Code Unit Suiting a wide range of Kitchen sinks.Available in stainless steel for long MAKPRO010 Each Available with a 1 1/2 inch fit. Ideal sinklasting durability.Code Unit maintenance product. Quick and easyCode UnitMAKPRO104 Each Make PRO011 Stainless Steelplumbing install. MAKPRO102 EachBasket Strainer With OverflowCode UnitMake PRO112 CompressionMAKPRO037 Each Make PRO113 Replacement Reducer 40mm - 32mm Waste Spigot 40mmMake PRO095 Waste Reducing Connector 40mm - 32mmA high quality compression reducerA high quality waste reducing fitting suitable for 32mm to 40mm useModern stainless steel basket strainer and available in white, ideal forwith overflow Aesthetically pleasingavailable in white with a 40mm to connecting 32mm pipe to 40mmlook for long lasting durability suiting32mm connection for push fit. Replacement waste spigot for easy pipe together. a wide range of bathrooms. 1 1/2 inchand quick installation. Available in fit Basket strainer is an ideal plumbingCode Unit white and suitable for universal use.Code Unit product for a quick and easy install. MAKPRO095 EachCode UnitMAKPRO112 Each Code Unit MAKPRO113 EachMake Waste Access PlugMAKPRO011 EachSecurplumb SU9832 Bath Make PRO071 Flexible WasteCombiwaste & Overflow Pipe Short Stainless Steel GridUNABLE TO FIND WHAT YOU AREThis white waste access plug is ideal for LOOKING FOR? A 40mm flexible waste pipe,carrying waste safely and cleanly away compression at one end and spigot atfrom your home. Suitable for plugging Call our sales teamthe other. Pushfit plain end into wasteany unused waste pipe or fitting.today on trap and compression end onto pipe. Code Size UnitCode Unit MAKPRO096 32mm Each Code Unit0151 647 4255 MAKPRO071 Each MAKPRO097 40mm Each MPSSU9832 Each46 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'