b'DECORATINGPAINTSPAINTS PASTE TABLES DECORATINGVARNISH Wooden Paste TableRustins Floor Varnish Rustins Outdoor Clear SatinRustins Poly VarnishVarnishPAINTS, PASTE TABLES & POLISHCode UnitHNHPASTETABLE EachNon-toxic, quick drying, low odour,POLISHcompletely clear and non-yellowing. Resistant to water, alcohol, whiteCode Colour Unit Liberon FPE250 Easy French spirit and similar solvents. Very hardGloss Polishwearing. Touch dry in 20 minutesA quick-drying, durable, clearRUSPOGA250 Antique Pine 250mland re-coatable in 2 hours. Can be applied to wood, cork, MDF, concretecoating which gives a long lastingRUSPOGA500 Antique Pine 500mland unsealed terracotta and quarryprotection to all external wood and isRUSPOGC250 Clear 250mltiles. Clean brushes in water. touch dry in 30 minutes, re-coatable in 4 hours. Clean brushes in water. RUSPOGC500 Clear 500mlCode Size Unit RUSPOGD250 Dark Oak 250mlCode Size UnitGloss RUSPOGD500 Dark Oak 500mlSatinRUSAFCG1000 Clear 1L RUSPOGM250 Mahogany 250mlRUSEAVS250 250ml EachRUSAFCG2500 Clear 2.5L RUSPOGM500 Mahogany 500mlRUSEAVS500 500ml EachSatin RUSPOGO250 Oak 250ml Easy French Polish is as shellac RUSAFCS1000 Clear 1L Rustins Yacht Varnish RUSPOGO500 Oak 500ml and resin-blended polish ideal for RUSAFCS2500 Clear 2.5L RUSPOGP250 Pine 250ml use on furniture, carved woodwork RUSAFLO2500 Light Oak 2.5L RUSPOGP500 Pine 500ml and artefacts in rare or exotic woods. Suitable for use on small RUSAFDO2500 Dark Oak 2.5L RUSPOGT250 Teak 250ml surfaces measuring 1m2 or less, it RUSPOGT500 Teak 500ml will beautifully enhance the woods Rustins Quick Dry VarnishRUSPOGW250 Walnut 250ml natural finish, and produces great Clear results quickly. Available in clear RUSPOGW500 Walnut 500ml for a natural effect, it is ideal for Matt beginners to furniture restoration.RUSPOMC250 Clear 250ml Code UnitRUSPOMC500 Clear 500ml LIBFPE250 EachSatinSpecially formulated on Tung OilRUSPOSA250 Antique Pine 250ml Rustins Brass Restorer 125mlto give maximum protection andRUSPOSA500 Antique Pine 500mldurability to marine and otherRUSPOSC250 Clear 250mlCode Size Unit external woodwork. Available inRUSPOSC500 Clear 500mlGloss and Satin. Has excellent Gloss adhesion and will not flake or peelRUSPOSD250 Dark Oak 250mlRUSAVGC250 250ml Each when correctly applied. Ideal forRUSPOSD500 Dark Oak 500mlRUSAVGC500 500ml Each exterior doors and window frames. RUSPOSM250 Mahogany 250mlRUSAVGC1000 1L Each Code Size Unit RUSPOSM500 Mahogany 500mlMatt Gloss RUSPOSO250 Oak 250ml Ideal for removing tarnish from RUSAVMC250 250ml Each RUSYACV250 250ml Each RUSPOSO500 Oak 500ml exterior brass door furniture and RUSAVMC500 500ml Each RUSYACV500 500ml Each RUSPOSP250 Pine 250ml restoring it to its original colour. Apply Rustins Brass Restorer with RUSAVMC1000 1L Each RUSYACV1000 1L Each RUSPOSP500 Pine 500ml a brush or dipping small items. Also Satin Satin RUSPOST250 Teak 250ml may be used for cleaning copper and RUSAVSC250 250ml Each RUSYASV250 250ml Each RUSPOST500 Teak 500ml bronze.RUSAVSC500 500ml Each RUSYASV500 500ml Each RUSPOSW250 Walnut 250ml Code UnitRUSAVSC1000 1L Each RUSYASV1000 1L Each RUSPOSW500 Walnut 500ml RUSBRAR125 EachWE HAVE THE TOOLS FOR YOUR TRADESMENOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 93'