b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVES2 PART ADHESIVESSEALANTS & ADHESIVES2 PART ADHESIVES ADHESIVE CLEANERS & THINNERSEverbuild Mitre Fast Kit Everbuild Stick 2 Rapid EpoxyEverbuild Superglue De- Galvafroid Thinner 500mlTube 12ml x 2 Bonder 20mlFosroc Cleaner/Thinner is specially Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Tube is anFor de-bonding cured cyanoacrylateformulated for use specifically with 2 PART ADHESIVES, ADHESIVE CLEANERS & THINNERS & ADHESIVE TAPES Mitre Fast Bonding Kit is a two partindustrial strength, two part clearadhesive from most commonFosroc Galvafroid Galavanising paint.instant adhesive system comprisingadhesive system which sets hardsurfaces eg. steel, plastic, wood, a cyanoacrylate adhesive andin just 4 minutes. Ideal for bondingglass and rubber. Can also be usedCode Unitaerosol activator. Mitre Fast ismost materials and once cured canon skin when applied as instructions. EXP60712 Eachmainly used in the furniture, timber,be drilled, sanded and painted. For kitchen and plastics industriesindustry and home. Code Unit Rustins Cellulose Thinnerswhere its instant bonding propertiesEVEDEBONDER Eachdramatically reduce assembly timesCode Size Unitfor mitre joints when compared toEVES2RAPEXTUBE 12ml Each Evo-Stik 191 Adhesive Cleanerconventional wood adhesives. Also suitable for bonding of MDF, rubber, PVCu, metals etc. Now also availableGorilla Epoxy Syringe 25mlin an industrial shrink-wrapped pack.Code Size UnitEVEMITRE1 Standard EachEVEMITRE1IND Industrial Pack EachEVEMITRE2 Jumbo 100g EachEverbuild Mitre Fast Adhesive 50g Fast and effective in removing theA special blend of pure solvents that residue from solvented adhesives -will mix with any make of cellulose able to tackle wet or dry adhesives lacquer. It does not contain any xylol,E ven small areas of old adhesivetoluene or any other petroleum With its superior solvent and watercan be removed derivative and is not classified as a resistance, Gorilla Epoxy is incrediblypetroleum mixture.strong and durable for householdRemoves grease, wax and similar and automotive repairs alike. Thestains Code Size Uniteasy-to-use syringe keeps the resinCode Size Unit RUSCELT125 125ml Eachand hardener separate, so it is easy to dispense and wont harden overEVO191250 250ml Each RUSCELT300 300ml Eachtime. The two-part, gap-filling formulaEVO1915 5L Each RUSCELT500 500ml Eacheasily bonds steel, aluminum, wood, ceramic, tile and most plastics. Plus, it dries in an ideal, crystal-clear finishADHESIVE TAPESMitre fast adhesive as suppliedthat makes projects look spotless.in bonding kit. Bonds mitres in 10ALUMINIUM TAPEseconds. 50 gram bottle. Code Size UnitGOR6044001 25ml Each Everbuild Aluminium Tape 45m Fixman Aluminium Foil TapeCode UnitEVEMITREADH5 Each Soudal Mitre FastEverbuild Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Syringe 24mlStrong, flexible aluminium foil tape on silicon paper liner for use on most surfaces. Aggressive acrylic-based adhesive, flame retardant and Heat and Light reflective Aluminiumexcellent temperature performance.Mitre Kit is a two part instant adhesive system comprisingFoil Tape, heat resistant to 180C,Use for jointing insulation panels, a cyanoacrylate adhesive andFlame Retardant to Class O.sealing off air conditioning and aerosol activator. Excellent moisture resistance, idealcool/warm air flow ducting, sealingMitre Kit is a fast acting cyanoacrylatejoints in ducting providing a flame-for use as a vapour barrier between Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Syringe is anbased adhesive with activator whichfoil faced insulation panels in roofretardant vapour proof barrier. industrial strength, two part clearis particulary useful for productionand wall applications, duct sealingAlso ideal for general repairs to adhesive which sets hard in just 4lines and UPVC window trim bonding. on all types of air conditioning andgutters, downpipes, ducting and minutes. Will bond metals, crockery, Activator reduces blooming other surfaces. UV-resistant and glass, wood, concrete, rubber,ventilation and protecting wires andwaterproof. Temperature range fromActivator reduces odour pipes from heat.fabrics, crystal, jewellery and various-2C to +10C.hard plasics. Once cured may be F ast actingdrilled, sanded or painted. ForCuring will occur almost instantly Code Size Unit Code Size Unitindustry and home. Easy to use EVE2ALUM50 50mm Each SIL190288 50mm x 45m EachCode Size Unit Code Unit EVE2ALUM75 75mm Each SIL190808 75mm x 45m EachEVES2RAPEX24 24ml Each SOUMITRE Each EVE2ALUM100 100mm Each SIL191666 100mm x 50m Each534 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'