b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGHEAD LIGHTSELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGHEAD LIGHTS INSPECTION LAMPSSilverline 250734 LED HeadSilverline 868718 6-LEDBrennenstuhl RechargeableBrennenstuhl 4+3 SMD LED Torch 1W Krypton Head Light and Strap LED Spotlamp 10W with USBUniversal Lamp With Hook and charger MagnetHEAD LIGHTS, HEATING & INSPECTION LAMPSPlastic bracket with integratedRubberised ABS construction 1WChoice of ultra-bright white lightmagnet, 360 bendableLED head torch. Features spotlightprovided by low-power consuming Integrated rechargeable battery 360 rotatable, retractable hookto floodlight zoom function. 506 LEDs, or long distance beam lumen output. Requires 3 x AAAprovided by krypton bulb. Easy toLi-Ion 3.7V/4,4Ah Luminous flux 4 SMD-LED: 200 lmCharging via micro USB connection / 3 CREE-LED: 20 lmbatteries. Length 65mm. operate on/off switch and tiltable head. Ideal for any night-time Casing made of die-cast aluminum, Includes 3 standard batteries typeCode Unit activity including cycling, campingedge protection made of high- AAASIL250734 Each and fishing. Headband has top andquality plastic Code Unitside strap adjustment for comfort Impact-resistant and drop-proof upand stability. Requires 3 x AAAto 2 m BRE1175420010 Eachbatteries (not included). Light & With a robust matching bag forStrap. safe transpor Brennenstuhl 6+1 SMD LED Code Unit Code Unit Rechargeable Multi Function SIL868718 Each BRE1173080 Each Light 300lmHEATING Brennenstuhl 4-LED Wall Light 12WStatus Convector HeaterStatus Halogen Heater 2000W OscillatingAdditional switching stage for an SMD LED in the luminaire head Charging time approx. 4 hoursF oldable holding foot up to 200 Casing made of coated aluminiumwith integrated magnetand non-breakable plasticAdditional 2 magnets on the back Lamp can be pivoted up to 330and two 360 rotatable hooks for4 high-power LEDs flexible use White. 3 Heat Settings. Adjustable LEDs have a very long lifespan, areThermostat. shock-proof and maintenance-free Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit BRE1175670 EachSTACONH2000W1PKB Each 3 Heat settings -400W / 800W /BRE1173900 Each Brennenstuhl 4+1 SMD LED 1200W.Rechargeable Clip On LampStatus Dual Position FanCode Unit Brennenstuhl 8+1 SMD LED Heater 2kw STAHH-1200W1PKB Each Universal Lamp With MagnetStatus Oil Filled Radiator 4 bright SMD LEDs in front withup to 3.5 hours light duration with fully charged battery 2 Heat Settings - 1000W/2000WAdditional switching stage for Plastic bracket with integrated1 additional CREE LED in theF an Only Settingmagnet, 200 bendable luminaire head Over Heating Protection360 rotatable hook for optimumRubberized, ergonomic handle and Adjustable thermostat, powerAdjustable Thermostat fastening carrying strap Automatic Thermal Cut Off indicator light and safety tip over LEDs: 8 + 1 SMD LEDsIntegrated Li-Ion battery: 3.7V / 1.6 Dual Position - Vertical orswitch. Battery type 3 x AA (included) Ah with charging indicator HorizontalLighting duration 4 h / 10 hCharging time: 3 hCode Size UnitCode Unit 7 Fin Code Unit Code UnitSTAFH2P-2000W1PKB Each STAOFH7-1500W1PKB 1500W Each BRE1175410010 Each BRE1175890 Each118 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'