b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGDOOR BELLSELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGDOOR BELLS ELECTRICAL LEADS & EXTENSIONSStatus White Door Chime Brennenstuhl 14m Lead 240V Masterplug 240V Cable ReelSilverline 475654 Extension with Thermal Cut Out Lead 16A 110V 10mCode Length Unit4 socket Code UnitDOOR BELLS & ELECTRICAL LEADS & EXTENSIONS Cable free door chime. Easy to installMASMCT1010/4BL-MP 10m Each SIL475654 Each- No wiring required. 50 metre range.Code UnitChoice of 8 melodies. Requires 2 xMASLDCC2513/4BL-MP 25m EachAA batteries (Not Included). BatteryBRE1166503 Each Silverline 981201 Extension Operated Silverline Cable Reel 13A 240V Lead 14m 16A 230VCode Unit Extension Lead Yellow 14m 1.5mmSTASDC5 EachELECTRICAL LEADS & EXTENSIONSBrennenstuhl Standard Reel 240VCode UnitSIL981201 Each1 x 16amp plug, 1 x 240v socket. 1Thermal overload with power reset Gang 230v button. Robust, heavy duty, steel- PowerMaster (584584) framed cable reel. Easy wind handle.Cassette Cable Reel 230V Code Size Unit Solid stable base. 4-Gang 15mYellow Code Length UnitHNHEXL14M110 110V Each 2 socketSIL303754 25m EachMasterplug Case Reel withSIL200084 50m EachCode Size Unit Weatherproof Sockets 4 socketBRE1098253001 25m Each SIL465510 25m EachBRE1098413001 50m Each SIL934311 50m EachBrennenstuhl Standard ReelSilverline 341158 4-Way 110V Switched Extension Lead 2m4 x BS sockets. Thermal overload protection with power reset button. Cable rewind handle. Max load 13A. 15m cable.Code UnitSIL584584 EachCode UnitMASHLP2013/2IP Each Individually switched 4-socket 13A extension lead with neon powerSilverline 619747 Cassette indicator. Cable Reel 10M 10A 240V Masterplug 110V Cable Reel4-Socketwith Thermal Cut Out Code UnitCode Size Unit SIL341158 EachBRE1098743 25m EachBRE1098783 50m Each PowerMaster (379955) Switched Extension Lead with Brennenstuhl 14m Lead 110V Neon Indicator 230V 6-Gang 2mThermal overload protection and 13A extension lead. Neon powerpower reset button. Cable rewind indicator. Individual switches forhandle. 4 x 240V drum mounted Code Length Unit each plug. Ideal for poweringsockets. Maximum load 10A. Cable 2 socket appliances in the home and garden. length 10m.Code Unit MASLVCT2516/2-MP 25m Each Code Unit Code UnitBRE1166463 Each MASLVCT5016/2-MP 50m Each SIL379955 Each SIL619747 Each114 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'