b'DECORATINGPAINTSPAINTS RADIATOR PAINT DECORATINGPRIMER & UNDERCOAT Rustins Radiator Enamel WhiteRustins Grey Primer andRustins Small Job Primer /Tetrosyl Hi-Build Primer Undercoat Undercoat 250ml 400mlPAINTSA heat resistant, low odour solvent based brilliant white enamel that stays white and does not yellow with heat. Available in gloss and satin Rustins Quick Dry Small Job Primerfinishes. Not to be used on oil filled Rustins Quick Drying Primer and& Undercoat is for indoor andelectric radiators.Undercoat is for use on interior andoutdoor use. Used as a primer, it exterior work. Used as a primer, itis suitable for new and bare wood,Tetrion Easy Spray all purposeCode Size Unitis suitable for new and bare wood,MDF, plaster, brickwork and cement.paint is an acrylic based spray paintGlossMDF, plaster, brickwork and cement. It has high opacity and can beIt has high opacity and can befor interior and exterior use. It isRUSRADP250 250ml Eachused as an undercoat on primed orused as an undercoat on primed orsuitable for many surfaces includingRUSRADP500 500ml Eachpainted surfaces. This paint may bepainted surfaces. This paint may bewood, metal, ceramic and plastic.over-coated with water or solventSatinovercoated with water or solventbased paints. It also conforms toCode Colour Unit RUSRADE250 250ml Eachbased finishing paints. Clean brushes in water. the Toys (Safety) Regulations 1995,TETEHW406 White Each RUSRADE500 500ml EachBS:EN71 Part 3, which makes it idealTETEHG406 Grey EachCode Size Unit to use on childrens toys.RUSGYPU250 250ml Each SATIN PAINTCode Colour Unit RADIATOR PAINTRUSGYPU500 500ml Each RUSSGPU250 Grey Each Rustins ASAP Paint SatinRUSGYPU1000 1L Each RUSSWPU250 White Each Paint Factory 3070 Colour It Quick Dry White Radiator Rustins MDF Sealer Rustins White Primer andPaint 300mlUndercoatRustins Quick Dry All Surface All Purpose Paint (ASAP). A water-based paint that dries to a satin finish. It resists flaking or peeling because of A quick drying, clear sealer thatits flexible capabilities. Can be used allows the application of both paintsQuick drying white radiator paint.indoors and outdoors on multiple or varnishes, unlike white MDFGloss finish. 300ml tin. surfaces. It is touch dry in 30 minutes sealers which can only be painted. and re-coating time is approximately Quick Drying Primer and UndercoatCode UnitCode Size Unit is for use on interior and exterior2-3 hours. 1 litre covers approximately RUSMDFS250 250ml Each work. Used as a primer, it is suitableRAP3070 Each 12-14 square metres in 1 coat.RUSMDFS500 500ml Each for new and bare wood, MDF, plaster,Code Colour Unitbrickwork and cement. It has highRustins Quick Dry Radiator RUSMDFS1000 1L Each opacity and can be used as anPaint White 1Lundercoat on primed or paintedRUSASAPAG1000 Grey EachRustins MDF Primer surfaces. RUSASAPBL1000 Black EachCode Size Unit RUSASAPBU1000 Blue EachRUSWHPU250 250ml Each RUSASAPCM1000 Cream EachRUSWHPU500 500ml Each RUSASAPGN1000 Green EachRUSWHPU1000 1L Each RUSASAPRD1000 Red EachRUSASAPWH1000 White EachRustins White Primer250mlRUSASAPAG250 Grey EachRUSASAPBL250 Black EachWater based primer for use onRUSASAPBU250 Blue Eachindoor and outdoor work. Used as aHeat resistant, low odour water primer, it is suitable for new and barebased, touch dry in 30 minsutes.RUSASAPCM250 Cream EachMDF. It has high opacity and can beAlso ideal for touching up fridgesRUSASAPGN250 Green Eachused as an undercoat on primed orand white appliances. Available painted surfaces. This primer mayin gloss and satin finishes. CleanRUSASAPRD250 Red Eachbe over-coated with water or solventbrushes in water. Not to be used onRUSASAPWH250 White Eachbased finishing paints. oil filled electric radiators. 500mlCode Colour Unit Code Size Unit RUSASAPAG500 Grey EachAn oil based primer, recommended 250ml for use when white or light pastelGloss RUSASAPBL500 Black EachRUSMDGP250 Grey Each shades of finish are being applied.RUSRADG250 250ml Each RUSASAPBU500 Blue EachRUSMDWH250 White Each For interior and exterior use. RUSRADG500 500ml Each RUSASAPCM500 Cream Each500ml Code Size Unit Satin RUSASAPGN500 Green EachRUSMDGP500 Grey Each RUSWPRI250 250ml Each RUSRADS250 250ml Each RUSASAPRD500 Red EachRUSMDWH500 White Each RUSWPRI500 500ml Each RUSRADS500 500ml Each RUSASAPWH500 White EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 87'