b'DECORATINGWAXWAX DECORATINGLiberon BLCL1L LiquidLiberon FWW1L Floor WaxLiberon Wax Filler Stick 50g Ronseal Colron Refined Beeswax With Pure TurpentineClear 1L Beeswax 400gClear 1LWAXWax Filler Sticks are blended wax filler used to repair cracks, splits and small to medium-sized holesA superior blend of natural waxes without sanding or having to stripfor use on untreated or bare wood Liquid Beeswax with Pure Turpentinethe finish. Available in a wide rangeto nourish and feed the wood whilst is a traditional liquid wax thatof intermixable wood colours, theyadding a smooth wax finish. The nourishes wood and gives ancan be applied without a heattraditional paste formulation is authentic finish to furniture. It issource, are quick drying and haveapplied by cloth and then buffed to ideal for large surfaces such asFloor Wax provides deep nourishingno shrinkage making them ideal forcreate a natural, beautiful lustre.doors, panelling and beams. protection for new and reclaimeduse on finished furniture and other interior wooden floors, giving themarticles. Code Colour UnitCode Unit a traditional, soft, natural sheen, LIBBLCL1L Each whilst protecting them against dailyCode Colour Unit RON34546 Antique Pine Eachwear and tear. Quick drying, non- LIBWFSDO Dark Oak Each RON34547 Georgian Medium Oak EachLiberon BPCL500 Beeswaxsticky and buffs easily to a sheen,LIBWFSE Ebony Each RON34548 Jacobean Dark Oak EachPaste With Pure TurpentineFloor Wax is also suitable for use onLIBWFSLO Light Oak Each RON34550 Natural EachClear 500ml cork floors. For best results use over Floor Sealer. LIBWFSMO Medium Oak EachLIBWFSW White Each Ronseal Interior Wax 750mlCode UnitLIBFWW1L Each Liberon WPR500 Wax & Polish Remover 500mlLiberon LW250 Liming Wax Beeswax Paste with Pure Turpentine250mlis a traditional paste wax that nourishes wood and gives an authentic finish to furniture. It is ideal for small surfaces, and is suitable for soft and hardwoods, especially pine and oak.Code Unit Our interior wax offers the same LIBBPCL500 Each Wax and Polish Remover is useddiamond hard protection as varnish. to clean old wax, dirt, smoke andBut the difference is in the finish. Liberon BPUR1KG Purifiedeveryday grime from antique andInstead of a glossy or shiny finish, Beeswax 1kg Perfect for use on Oak, Elm andmodern wood furniture prior tothe wax will bring out the natural other hardwoods. Safe for use onrefinishing without affecting mostcolour of your wood and leave a toys.For interior use. Apply with steeloriginal hard finishes. Suitablematt finish.wool. Coverage - 12-16m. Dryingfor use on interior woodwork, time - 5 minutes minimum. including doors, beams, dado rails,Code Colour Unitand banisters, it will not harm theRON36879 Natural EachCode Unit original finish or patina, making it Purified Beeswax is made from 100%LIBLW250 Each suitable for even the most delicateRON36880 Medium Oak Eachpure beeswax and is ideal for use assurfaces. It is ideal for removingRON36881 Dark Oak Eacha furniture polish or for lubricatingbuilt-up layers of wax that may beRON36882 Antique Pine Eachdraw runners. It can be dissolved inLiberon VW250 Verdigris Waxcausing a haze or bloom on the pure turpentine, and is also suitable250ml surface. RON36883 Walnut Eachto be used as a traditional wood filler. RON36884 Rustic Pine EachCode UnitCode Unit LIBWPR500 Each RON36885 White Ash EachLIBBPUR1KG Each RON36886 Almond Wood EachRonseal 2580 Colron Wax Liberon BPW250 BlackRemover 500ml Ronseal 36887 Colron Refined Patinating Wax 250ml Liming Wax 400gVerdigris Wax is a multi-purpose coloured wax for creating striking effects on all types of interior Black Patinating Wax is used for addingmaterial such as wood, metal, stone, a coloured finish, highlighting areas orplastic and plaster. Recommended as creating striking effects on all types ofa special effects wax, it gives green interior materials. It is ideal for ageinghues of oxidised copper and brassColron Refined Liming Wax provides modern furniture, disguising repairs toand can be worked into moulding,a limed effect to interior wood and old and new furniture, and highlightingbronzes, papier-mch, alabasterfurniture. Containing a blend of areas on finished pieces and decorativeand carvings. Ideal for decoratingColron Wax Remover removes oldnatural waxes, including beeswax, carvings. It is suitable for use on wood,household objects, it buffs to a softtraditional natural finishes, withoutit feeds and enriches the wood, metal, gilt, plaster, tone, MDF andsheen, and can also be applied as adamaging the wood underneath.enhancing the natural beauty of the papier-mch. wax finish to bare or coloured wood. Ideal for wax and oil finishes wood grain.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Colour UnitLIBBPW250 Each LIBVW250 Each RON02580 Each RON36887 Natural EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 107'