b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLCLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLRAT & MOUSE KILLERRentokil Live Capture MouseRentokil Mouse & RatRentokil PSW107 WoodenFixman 196052 Rat Cage Trap Trap Weatherproof Blocks Mouse Trap 300mmReady to use bait to be used in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats and mice in and PEST CONTROL around buildings.Code Qty. Unit Galvanized wire mesh cage with This live capture mouse trap is idealWooden mouse traps are proven costspring action. Captures rats for capturing and releasing miceRENPSMR41 Tub of 5 Each effective products in rodent control.humanely for release at another unharmed. The trap is designedRENPSMR42 Tub of 10 Each Strong and easy to set. Wood is FSClocation. L x W x H: 300 x 150 x to be reusable. Humane trap andcertified. 130mm. Reusable.release system. Rentokil Rat Killer Grain Bait Code Unit Code UnitCode Unit RENPSW107 Pk 2 SIL196052 EachRENPSM68 Each Rentokil PWL01 WoodenFixman 197115 Metal Mouse RENPTM80 Pk 2 Mouse Trap Display Box-30 TrapRentokil Mouse Killer Indoor Bait Box With BlockReady to use rodenticide bait to be used in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats in and around buildings.Code Qty. UnitRENPSR31 1 sachet EachRENPSR32 3 sachets Each 115 x 60mm.Code UnitRentokil PSR71 Rat KillerSIL197115 Pk 2Outdoor Bait Box With 3 BlocksEasy to set, reusable, strong wooden traps Kills mice quickly and humanely Fixman 197512 Mouse CageReady to use bait to be used inSuitable for indoor and outdoorTraptamper resistant bait stations for theusecontrol of mice indoors. Contains 1Wood is FSC certifiedreusable box and key. Comes with Display box of 30 traps hardwearing block.Code UnitCode Pack Unit RENPWL01 Box-30RENPSM81 Single EachRENPSM82 Twin pack Each Ready to use bait to be used inRentokil PWL02 Wooden Rat tamper resistant bait stations forTraps Display Box Of 6Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mousethe control of rats in and around Killer Grain Bait buildings. Kills up to 5 rats. 250 x 90 x 90mm.Code UnitRENPSR71 Each Code UnitSIL197512 EachRentokil PSW106 Wooden Rat Trap Fixman 197672 Hardwood Rat Trap 175mmEasy to set, reusable, strong Ready to use rodenticide bait towooden trapsbe used in tamper resistant bait Kills rats quickly and humanelySpring-action wooden trap with stations for the control of rats andSuitable for indoor and outdoor mice in and around buildings. Wooden rat traps are proven costmetal trigger. Hardwood base and effective products in rodent control.use metal parts with zinc coating. Fast Code Contains Unit Strong and easy to set. Wood is FSCWood is FSC certified and effective. Reusable. L x W: certified.Display box of 6 traps 175mm x 82mm.RENPSMR11 2 sachets EachRENPSMR12 4 sachets Each Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitRENPSMR13 6 sachets Each RENPSW106 Each RENPWL02 Box-6 SIL197672 Each64 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'