b'HAND TOOLSTRITONTRITON HAND TOOLSTriton (376107) T3 HandyTriton (416783) TWX7Triton (461497) Log JawsTriton (985806) AutoJaws Pocket-Hole Jig 3/4 (19mm)Clamping Table ModuleSJALJ Drill Press Bench Clamp 6 T3PHJ TWX7CT001 (150mm) TRAADPBC6TRITONFitted with 40 x 3/4 (19 - 20mm) dog holes. Universal compatibility with bench dogs, clamps andTeeth give a tenacious grip for anchors. Easily configured for a widechainsaw work and drilling, sawing Strong nylon body with hardenedrange of woodworking applications.or rebating timber logs up to steel drill guide. For fast clamp-freeHoles also usable for dust andapproximately 300mm (12) inDurable all-steel construction and 2 drilling of pocket holes in wood forchippings extraction. Compatiblediameter. Zinc-plated steel fortone soft-grip handles for enhanced repeated use in joinery work, suchwith TWX7 Workcentre. corrosion resistance. Compatiblegrip and user comfort. AutoJaws as panel fixing and corners. Featureswith SuperJaws (SJA100E andtechnology self-adjusts to material a unique SpeedDrive drill holder forCode Unit SJA100P). thickness and allows for one-handed 4 times faster drilling. Includes jig,SIL416783 Each clamping. Patented cam-lock step drill bit, collar and key, squareCode Unit mechanism maintains consistent drive bit and starter kit. Triton (462058) Engineersclamping pressure at any material Code Unit Jaws XXL SJAXLEJ SIL461497 Each thickness without re-adjustment. Mounts to slotted drill press tables & SIL376107 Each T-tracks. Delivers a clamping force of Triton AutoJaws Face Clamp 10 - 110kg (25 - 250lb). Supplied with Triton (992620) T6 Pocket- drill press mount & 5/16 x 18 button Hole Jig T6PHJ head T-bolt.Code UnitBolt-on jaws and anvil face for heavySIL985806 Eachduty metal work. ManufacturedTriton (933672) T4 Drill Bit from strong, ductile cast iron and197mm T4DB197shaped to increase grip on pipe orDurable all-steel construction and 2 bar up to approximately 160mm (6- tone soft-grip handles for enhanced 5/16) in diameter. Compatible withgrip and user comfort. AutoJaws SuperJaws XXL (SJA100XL). technology self-adjusts to material Bench-mounted Jig for drilling pocketCode Unit thickness and allows for one-handed holes in wood for repeated use inclamping. Patented cam-lock joinery work, such as panel fixing andSIL462058 Each mechanism maintains consistentStep high-speed steel drill bit for use corners. Features a unique SpeedDriveclamping pressure at any materialwith pocket-hole jigs. Single-piece drill holder for 4 times faster drilling,Triton (604467) Engineersthickness without re-adjustment.design for reduced clogging. Creates extendable modular work supports forJaws SJAEJ Multi-purpose clamping system ideala smooth, fast drilling stroke. added stability, quick-lock mechanismfor use with the Triton Pocket HoleLength: 197mm.for holding the wood and integratedJoinery range.dust management option. Can be usedCode Unitwith 12 - 42mm (1/2 - 1-1/2) thicknessCode Size Unit SIL933672 Eachwood. Includes jig, step drill bit, collarSIL474793 3 (75mm Eachand key, square drive bit, and starter kit. SIL581159 6 (150mm) Each Triton (972473) T6 Drill Bit 197mm T6DB197Code Unit Bolt-on jaws and anvil face for heavy SIL992620 Each duty metal work. ManufacturedTriton (605126) AutoJaws from strong, ductile cast iron andDrill Press Bench Clamp 3 shaped to increase grip on pipe Triton (425553) Double Minior bar up to approximately 50mm(75mm) TRAADPBC3Pocket-Hole Jig Set 8pce(2) in diameter. Compatible with T2PHJS SuperJaws (SJA100E and SJA100P). Step high-speed steel drill bit for use Code Unit with pocket-hole jigs. Single-piece design for reduced clogging. Creates SIL604467 Each a smooth, fast drilling stroke. Length: 197mm.Triton (686028) Log Jaws XXL SJAXLLJ Code UnitSIL972473 EachDurable all-steel construction and 2 tone soft-grip handles for enhancedTriton (976521) T3 Drill Bit grip and user comfort. AutoJaws197mm T3DB197technology self-adjusts to material thickness and allows for one-handed Strong nylon body in a compactclamping. Patented cam-lock design. For drilling pocket holes inmechanism maintains consistent wood for repeated use in joineryclamping pressure at any material work, such as panel fixing, cornersTeeth give a tenacious grip forthickness without re-adjustment. and mitre joints. Features hardenedchainsaw work and drilling, sawingMounts to slotted drill press tables & steel drill guide and optional securingor rebating timber logs up toT-tracks. Delivers a clamping force ofStep high-speed steel drill bit for use holes in the guide and jig. For use withapproximately 300mm (12) in10 - 110kg (25 - 250lb). Supplied withwith pocket-hole jigs. Single-piece materials from 12mm (1/2). Includesdiameter. Zinc-plated steel fordrill press mount & 5/16 x 18 buttondesign for reduced clogging. Creates mini jig, step drill bit, collar and key,corrosion resistance. Compatiblehead T-bolt. a smooth, fast drilling stroke. square drive bit, and starter kit. with SuperJaws XXL (SJA100XL). Length: 197mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL425553 Each SIL686028 Each SIL605126 Each SIL976521 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 339'