b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESSAWS & BLADES HAND TOOLSHAND SAWS JUNIOR HACKSAWSHilka Saw Set Soft Grip 3pc Spear & Jackson B98Stanley 0-20-092 3 In 1 Saw Eclipse 71-132R Junior Blades Predator First Fix HardpointPack 10Wood Saw 22SAWS & BLADESMulti-Purpose 3-in-1 Saw Set offers end users the functionality of 3 different Contains jab 12 tenon and 20 handA fast cutting saw for use along andblades in one space saving designsaw with hardpoint blades and softacross the grain. universal pull saw blade, metal saw grip handles. Packaged in doubleCode Unit blade and compass saw blade.blister. Code Unit A selection of small saw blades to NEIB98FF Each suit most applications.Code Unit STA020092 EachHIL45707003 Each Spear & Jackson B98Code UnitPredator Laminate HardpointStanley 5-15-244 Fatmax FineNEI71-132R Pk 10Jack 880 Plus UniversalWood Saw 20 Jetcut Saw 22Handsaw Soft Grip Handle Eclipse SP171 Hacksaw & Junior Hacksaw SetA hardpoint saw delivering a fineBi-material handle screwed and Code Size Unit cut. ultrasonically welded for comfort and security.NEW10505212 508mm Each Code UnitNEW10505213 559mm Each Code Size Unit Code UnitNEIB98LAMINATE Each STA515244 22 Each NEISP171 EachJack 990 Plus Fine HandsawSpear & Jackson B98Stanley 5-15-289 FatmaxHilka 43905006 Junior 22 x 9tpi Predator Second FixCoarse Jetcut Saw 22 HacksawHardpoint Wood Saw 22Soft grip handle. 6mm steel frame. Accepts all 6 Code Size Unit Bi-material handle screwed and(150mm) blades with fine tooth ultrasonically welded for comfortblade. Blister packaging.NEW10505215 559mm Each A fine cutting saw for use acrossand security.Code UnitSilverline Hardpoint Saw 7 tpi the grain. Code Size Unit HIL43905006 EachCode Unit STA515289 22 EachNEIB98SF Each Hilka 43909006 Heavy Duty JUNIOR HACKSAWS Junior Hacksaw 6Spear & Jackson B98 Predator Universal HardpointEclipse 70-14JR Junior Wood Saw 22 x 8 HacksawHardened, tempered steel blade and cross-ground, induction-hardened teeth for faster cutting and longer- Comfortable grip handle. Easy lasting sharpness compared tochange blades (takes standard conventional handsaws. blades). Suitable for metal plastic Code Size Unit The best selling Junior Hacksaw withand woodwork.SIL793762 350mm Each an epoxy coated steel frame andCode Size UnitSIL783104 400mm Each Eclipse metal cutting blade. HIL43909006 6 (150mm) EachCode UnitSIL598450 500mm Each NEIB9822 Each Code UnitSIL196516 550mm Each NEI70-14JR Each Monument 2000M-1 Junior Spear & Jackson B98Hacksaw 6Spear & Jackson B9522Predator UPVC HardpointEclipse 71-114R Junior Wood Hardpoint Universal SawWood Saw 20 Blades Pack 1022x8Junior hacksaw with finger guard and 6 /150mm 32tpi blade. Ideal for cutting light materials and best suited For general use cutting along andA hardpoint saw for cutting UPVCA selection of small saw blades tofor smaller general sawing where the across the grain with a standard finish. and hard plastics. suit most applications. workpiece cannot be firmly secured.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitNEIB9522 Each NEIB98UPVC Each NEI71-114R Pk 10 MON2000M-1 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 293'