b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESWOOD ADHESIVESSEALANTS & ADHESIVESWOOD ADHESIVESEverbuild D4 Wood Adhesive 1L Everbuild Lumberjack 550Evo-Stik Blue BottleGorilla Wood GlueFloor Adhesive Floor AdhesiveWaterproof Resin Wood Glue300mlEverbuild Lumberjack 550 Floor Solvent free industrial grade D4Adhesive is a high specification, WOOD ADHESIVES & WORKTOP & LAMINATE SEALANT wood adhesive based upon the latesthybrid polymer, cartridge appliedThe UKs No. 1 wood adhesivehybrid resin technology. Can be usedadhesive specially designed forFast setting, extra strongFor a strong, fast bond across a internally or externally, gives a highfixing all types of wooden floorsweatherproof wood adhesive forvariety of wood surfaces, Gorilla strength, totally waterproof, impactdirectly onto all common substrates. interior or exterior use Wood Glue is the hard-working, and temperature resistant bondCode UnitComplies with EN 204 Type D3water resistant formula, perfect that is usually stronger than the-weatherproof, water resistantfor indoor and outdoor use. Gorilla wood itself. Ideal for wood working,EVELJACK5503 Each wood adhesive. Wood Glue offers the benefits of joinery and commercial assemblySuitable for all types of wood an easy-to-use, water based PVA work. Dries clear. Easy water cleanEvo-Stik Green Bottle Resinadhesive, with the holding powerDries to a clear finishup. Sets in ten minutes. Meets theWood Glue that Gorilla is known for. It dries a natural colour so youre guaranteed requirements of EN204 and WATT91.No mess, clog-free nozzle and twist Code Size Unit to seal cap a clean-looking bond line for yourAnti-roll bottleprojects.EVED41 1L Each Bonds: Wood, hardboard, Chipboard, Blockboard, Cardboard,Code Size UnitEverbuild Lumberjack PUPaper, TextilesWood Adhesive 310ml Gel GOR5044401 118ml EachCode Size Unit GOR5044801 236ml EachEVOWW125 125ml Each GOR5044181 532ml Each The UKs No. 1 wood adhesive EVOWW250 250ml Each GOR5044361 1L Each F ast setting, extra strong woodEVOWW500 500ml Eachadhesive for interior use EVOWW1 1L Each WORKTOP & LAMINATE Suitable for all types of wood EVOWW25 2.5L Each Dries to a clear finish. SEALANTEVOWW5 5L Each No mess, clog-free nozzle and twistto seal cap Gorilla Glue Everbuild Timber & Laminate Lumberjack Polyurethane Wood Anti-roll bottle Sealant C3 Adhesive Gel is a thixotropic, Bonds: Wood, hardboard, Chipboard, transparent, gap filling gel whichBlockboard, Cardboard, Paper, sets hard in minutes. ParticularlyTextilessuitable for equipment manufacture and production line applicationsCode Size Unitwhere rapid handling is required.EVORWM Mini EachConforms to EN 204. D4 Strength. Available in 5 or 30 minute set times. EVORW125 125ml EachCode Set time Unit EVORW250 250ml EachEVE5MINPU3 5 min Each EVORW500 500ml EachEVE30MINPU3 30 min Each EVORW1 1L EachEVORW5 5L EachEverbuild Lumberjack PUGorilla Glue bonds materials other Wood Adhesive 750g Liquid Gorilla Glue Crystal Clearadhesives simply cant. Metal, stone, 50ml wood, ceramics, foam, glass andTimber & Laminate Sealant is a much more! And its still the bestpolymer rich, permanently flexible glue for anyone who wants the jobsealant and gap filler designed for done right. sealing around laminate flooring,Versatile fitted furniture and kitchen 100% waterproof worktops. Formulated using high clarity lightfast colour pigments, Temperature resistant the 5 colour range offers a nearSandable, stainable, paintable or exact match to many popular Code Size Unit laminate floors and melamine board finishes. Timber & Laminate GOR1044202-5 60ml Each Sealant is silicone and solvent free, GOR1044401-8 115ml Each however, unlike conventional matt GOR1044805-6 250ml Each finish water-based sealants, it leaves Lumberjack Polyurethane Wooda satin finish which will not pick Adhesive Liquid is red in colourThe strength and versatility youGOR1044181-4 500ml Each up dirt and can be easily cleaned and is ideal for larger applications,have come to expect from GorillaGOR1044361 1L Each with normal household cleaners. If or in the workshop where greaterGlue is now available in an easydesired the product can be painted, economy is required. Sets hard into use, crystal clear, non-foamingvarnished or woodstained.minutes. Conforms to EN 204. D4formula. Clear Gorilla Glue is strength. Available in 5, 30 and 45incredibly strong and is ideal forCode Colour Unitminute set times. indoor and outdoor applications and EVETIMBBCH Beech EachCode Set time Unit bonds virtually everything. EVETIMBMAH Mahogany EachEVE5MINPU7 5 min Each Code Size Unit A MASSIVE RANGEEVETIMBOAK Oak EachEVE30MINPU7 30 min Each GOR1244002 50ml EachEVE45MINPU7 45 min Each GOR1244401 110ml Each TO CHOOSE FROM EVETIMBPINE Pine Each558 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'