b'POWER TOOLSBATTERIES & CHARGERSPOWER TOOLSBATTERIES & CHARGERS BISCUIT JOINTERS COMPRESSORSMakita BL1830 18v 3.0ah Li- Makita DC1804T StandardSilverline 128999 BiscuitGMC 270120 Air Compressor ion Battery Battery Charger Jointer 900W 50L 1500WBATTERIES & CHARGERS, BISCUIT JOINTERS & COMPRESSORS Universal charger for all Makita The Makita 18V 3.0Ah Lithium Ion battery contains high energy densityNiCad and NiMH batteries 7.2v - 18v High quality, accurately adjusting technology and being Lithium 30 min fast charger for all Makitajoiner, for cutting various sized Ion has no memory effect and isNiCad batteries pockets. Strong aluminium fencePortable air compressor, ideal for much lighter than other battery 2 40V angle range 0-135. Includes dustuse in the garage and DIY workshop. chemistries. 22 minute re-charge inbag. Compatible with biscuits size 0,Reliable 1500W (2hp) motor and DC18RC charger. Fits all Makita 18VCode Unit 10 and 20. durable oil-lubricated, air-cooled, Li-Ion tools. Battery has the MakitaMAKDC1804T Each single-stage pump. Powers a wide Code Unit variety of air tools. Large 50Ltr Star technology so if your tool also has a Star you can be assured ofMakita DC18RC Charger 7.2vSIL128999 Each pressure tank with max air flow of battery protection. 200 Ltr/min and 8 bar (116psi) max - 18v Triton (329697) 760W Biscuitworking pressure. Automatic start/Code Unit Jointer TBJ001 stop pressure switch. Extensive MAK194204-5 Each safety features include safety valve and thermal cut-out. With air intake filter. Includes both UK and European Makita BL1840 18v 4.0ah Li- airline quick connectors.ion BatteryCode UnitSIL270120 EachHilka 83010400 Car Air Compressor 12VMakita DC18RC LXT Lithium Ion 18VIncludes fitted blade, biscuits, blade fast battery charger charges Makitapin spanner, hex key, spare carbon batteries from 7.2V to 18V. brushes and dust bag.Code Unit Code Desc. UnitMakita 18V 4.0Ah Lithium IonMAKDC18RC Each SIL329697 Biscuit Jointer Eachbattery contains high energySIL899068 Replacement Blade Eachdensity technology. Being LithiumSilverline (773601) 10.8V Li-Ion it has no memory effect andion 1.3Ah Battery 10.8V Triton 186171 Dowelling is much lighter than other batteryJointer 600W TDJ600chemistries. Re-charge in just 36 minutes with the Makita DC18RC charger. Look for the Makita StarProvides quick easy inflation with on your tool connector for totaleasy to read gauge. Suitable for cars, protection of battery and tool. bicycles and motorcycles. Adaptors supplied for ball and other inflatable Code Unit items.MAK196399-0 Each Code UnitMakita BL1850 18v 5.0ah Li- HIL83010400 Eachion BatteryHilka RAC Compact Air 10.8V Li-ion 1.3Ah battery compatibleCompressorwith the Silverline 10.8V range. Double dowel drilling with 710W Code Unit motor and 32mm spacing. Simplifies SIL773601 Each furniture and shelving construction. All-metal mechanism and gearing for long life. 0-9 angle adjustable Stihl AL300 Quick Charger fence. 0-38mm fast setting of drill depth. Precision rack and pinion mechanism for accurate height adjustment. Clear 3-line viewer Makita 18V 5.0Ah Lithium Ionenables easy set up with rapid battery contains high energyrepeat operation. Insulated handle density technology. Being Lithiumwith hex key storage. Includes twoHigh pressure inflator with a 0-80psi Ion it has no memory effect and8mm dia drill bits and a heavy dutyanalogue gauge is suitable for cars, is much lighter than other batterycarry bag. motorcycles and inflatables. The chemistries. Re-charge in just 45Code Desc. Unit screw type connector gives secure minutes with the Makita DC18RCinflation it can be easily connected charger. Look for the Makita starSIL186171 Dowelling Jointer Each to the 12v car adaptor or battery on your tool connector for totalDrill bits terminals. The built in light make protection of battery and tool. SIL109467 109467 Drill Bit Each working in the dark easier.Code Unit Code Unit SIL700585 700585 Drill Bit Each Code UnitMAK196673-6 Each STIAL300 Each SIL819799 819799 Drill Bit Each HILRACHP223 Each508 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'