b'GARDENING & OUTDOORBARROWS & TRUCKSBARROWS & TRUCKS GARDENING & OUTDOORKingfisher (GCART3) HeavyAnvil Contractor WheelbarrowWheel To Fit Anvil ContractorYellow Sack Truck with Duty Garden Trolley Pneumatic Wheel Green 90L Wheelbarrow Pneumatic TyreLength 1280mm | Height 540mm | Width 590mm Black Pneumatic Wheel. Diamond 4 wheel garden cart. 100L capacity Pan Thickness - 0.7mm pattern tread. 25.4mm axle.and 200kg maximum load. FrontFully Bolted(No Welding To Fail) 400lb CapacityBARROWS & TRUCKSsteering with folding padded grip F ront Supports Code Unithandle and pneumatic treys. FourFront Tipping Bar HNHPNW1 Each Code Unitremovable hinged drop sides to2mm Steel Straps Between Frame &HNHSTPH1 Eachassist with loading and unloadingPan For Added Support Inner Tube For Barrowand reduce lifting of heavy items. 28.58mm Galvanised Tubular Frame Silverline 633752 Porters Code UnitPneumatic Wheel Sack Truck 250kgBONGCART3 Each 25mm Steel AxleAnvil Contractor WheelbarrowCode UnitPuncture Proof Wheel BlackHNHANVG1 Each90LHeavy Duty Anvil Contractor Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel Galvanised 110L Code UnitHNHINNER EachSilverline 633400 Folding Box Trolley 25kg Tubular steel frame with high back pneumatic tyres and tyre guards. Toe plate 520 x 220mm.Length 1280mm | Height 540mm | Width 590mm Code UnitPan Thickness - 0.7mm SIL633752 EachFully Bolted(No Welding To Fail) Length 1280mm | Height 580mm | Front Supports Width 590mm Silverline 633948 Folding Front Tipping BarF ully Bolted (No Welding To Fail) Hand Truck 50kg 2mm Steel Straps Between Frame F ront Supports & Pan For Added Support Front Tipping Bar28.58mm Galvanised Tubular 2mm Steel Straps Between Frame & Frame Pan For Added Support Puncture Proof Wheel2 8.58mm Galvanised Tubular Frame 25mm Steel Axle Pneumatic Wheel 2 5mm Steel AxleCode UnitOptional 1.5mm Galvanised Base PlateHNHANVBLACKPP EachCode UnitAnvil Contractor WheelbarrowHNHANVGL4P Each Lightweight trolley, 380 x 310 x Pneumatic Wheel Galvanised330mm. Folds down completely for storage or carrying, reopens inFolds flat for easy storage/transport. 90L Plastic Pan Wheel Barrowseconds. Easily stowed in the bootRobust steel frame with adjustable With Silver Frame 110L of a car. Smooth rolling rubber tyresheight handle (750-985mm).and adjustable telescopic handle. Code UnitCode Unit SIL633948 EachSIL633400 EachSilverline 667315 Sack Truck 100kgLength 1280mm | Height 540mm | Width 590mm Length 1280mm | Height 540mm |Pan Thickness - 0.7mm Width 590mm. (Colour may vary)Fully Bolted(No Welding To Fail) Front Supports For Added StrengthFront SupportsF ront Tipping BarFront Tipping Bar 2mm Steel Straps Between Frame2mm Steel Straps Between Frameand Pan For Added Support & Pan For Added Support 28.58mm Galvanised Tubular Frame28.58mm Galvanised Tubular Pneumatic WheelFrame2 5mm Steel Axle Tubular steel frame. Wrap overPneumatic Wheel 1.5mm reinforced galvanised basehandle adds strength to frame. Puncture-resistant wheels. Toe plate2 5mm Steel Axle plate fitted as standard. A WIDE RANGE350mm x 180mm.Code Unit Code Unit OF PRODUCTS TO Code UnitHNHANVB1 Each HNHPOLYGR1 Each SUIT YOUR NEEDS SIL667315 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 157'