b'DECORATINGBUFFING & POLISHINGDECORATINGBUFFING & POLISHING DECORATING KNIVESSPONGES & WHEELS RST RC610SP Hacking KnifeSilverline 457066 Wallpaper 4.1/2 Guide Knife 600mmSilverline 633521 PolishingSilverline 868743 Loose Leaf Sponge White 150mm Buffing Wheel 150mmBUFFING & POLISHING & DECORATING KNIVES Angled Blade End Use to cut straight clean edges when Leather Handle preparing wall coverings. Stainless steel blade with metric and imperial 4.1/2 (113mm) graduations.Firm polishing and buffing sponge.Code UnitUse for compounding 2 pack paintRSTRC610 Each Code Unitsystems. M14 x 2 thread to fit sander100% cotton, 50 fold loose leaf polishers. Excellent results withbuffing wheel. Can be stackedSIL457066 Eachpolishing paste. onto tapered spindles for requiredSilverline 228559 Putty Knife thickness. 38mmCode Unit Silverline 583268 Chisel SIL633521 Each Code Unit Knife 110mmSIL868743 EachSilverline 675060 Blue Polishing Sponge 150mm DECORATING KNIVESRodo FFJCPK Putty Knife 1.5 High quality knife with comfortable 2-tone soft-grip handle.Code UnitSIL228559 Each Long rigid blade chisel knife with 2-tone soft-grip handle.Silverline 245129 Spatula Knife 150mm Code UnitMedium sponge for compounding/ SIL583268 Eachpolishing cellulose and acrylics. M14 x 2 thread to fit sander/polishers. Traditional, shaped putty knife with Code Unit soft-grip handle. Silverline 661661 Expert Filler SIL675060 Each Knife Set 3pcCode UnitSilverline 868541 RedRODFFJCPK EachPolishing Sponge 150mmRodo Soft Grip Filling KnifeSpatula with spring steel blade. For smoothing and filling.Code UnitSIL245129 EachSilverline 282455 Chisel Knife 25mm High quality, corrosion resistant, easy clean polished steel blade. For Ultra-soft sponge for final finishingRetail flexible filling knife withfilling cracks and general repair and polishing. 150 x 50mm. M14 x 2polished steel blade. Soft grip handlework. Soft-grip handle with metal thread to fit sander/polishers. Maxfor added comfort when in use. end-cap for sinking plasterboard speed 4,600rpm. nails.Code Size UnitCode Unit RODFFJFK2 50mm Each Code UnitSIL868541 Each General purpose rigid blade chisel RODFFJFK3 75mm Each knife with a riveted hardwoodSIL661661 Pk 3RODFFJFK4 100mm Each handle.Silverline 978708 Black Polishing Sponge 150mm Code Unit Silverline 675125 Palette Rodo TE24 Trimming EdgeSIL282455 Each Knife 25mm24Silverline Filler KnifeThin, highly flexible blade for mixing Soft sponge for final finishing andFlexible blade filler knife with 2-toneand folding paints, pigments and polishing. 150 x 50mm. M14 x 2soft-grip handle. epoxy two-part resins. Riveted thread to fit sander/polishers. MaxStraight blade to aid trimming andhardwood handle.speed 4,600rpm. smoothing of most wall coverings.Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL395012 50mm Each Code UnitSIL978708 Each RODTE24 Each SIL589702 75mm Each SIL675125 Each70 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'