b'POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSPOWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSAIR TOOLSSilverline 580420 Spray GunSilverline 633629 AirSilverline 763556 HighSilverline 783124 Spray Gun Gravity Feed 100ml Sandblasting Kit 30-73psi Pressure Spray Gun 1000ml Gravity Feed 500ccAIR TOOLSSeparate flow and pattern controls. High performance, well-balancedDual action trigger control. 1.5mm spray gun with separate flow andFor removing rust, limescale,High pressure spray gun with dualnozzle. 500cc nylon cup. Includes pattern controls. 100ml nylon cupchemicals and paint. Kit includesaction trigger, adjustable spray6mm (1/4) bayonet quick connect.and 1mm nozzle. High atomisationsandblasting gun, 1.5m rubber airpattern and external mix nozzle. 1Ltr with low nozzle air pressure. Saveshose and 3 spare nozzles. Workingpot capacity. Includes 6mm (1/4)Code Unitpaint and protects the environment.pressure 2.0-5.0Bar, 30-73 psi. Willbayonet quick connect. SIL783124 EachBetter than 75% transfer efficiencydraw abrasives from bucket or bag. with less than 10% psi outputProduces satin finish ready for paintCode Size Unit Silverline 656578 Air Ratchet pressure. Includes 6mm (1/4)or prep. SIL763556 1000ml Each Wrench 1/2bayonet quick connect.Code Unit Code Unit Silverline 763565 Orbital SIL633629 Each Jitterbug Air SanderSIL580420 EachSilverline 633630 Air Micro Silverline 580430 Air SanderGrinder Kit 90 psiDual Action 150mmSquare drive ratchet with twist-to-reverse mechanism. Trigger-operated power control. Torque 61nm. Air consumption 4.0cfm. Includes 6mm (1/4) bayonet quick connect. Overall length 260mm.Code UnitSIL656578 EachAluminium construction with built-inDie cast aluminium alloy body withSilverline Air Body Saw speed regulator. Produces a quality,easy-grip rubber handle, automatic240mmswirl-free finish prior to painting.trigger-release and vibration Includes 1/4 bayonet quick connect.Includes 10 grinder heads and built- isolators. Positive lock paper Air consumption 4.0cfm. 150mmin speed regulator for precise work.clamps. Muffled rear exhaust helps self-adhesive pad. Use with in lineKit has 1.5m air hose with protectivereduce and control dust. Includes oiler, such as Siverline 456965 Minisleeve. Working pressure 90psi.1/4 bayonet quick connect. Air In-Line Oiler. Average air consumption 4cfm.consumption 135 L/min (4.75cfm). Code Unit 56,000rpm. Includes in-line oiler,Pad size 12x90x170mm. Ideal for body shop repair, silencer oiler bottle, spanners and carry case. and exhaust work. Safety throttle SIL580430 Each Code Unit lever prevents accidental start-Code Unit SIL763565 Each up. Balanced to reduce vibration. Silverline 633548 Air ToolsSIL633630 Each Adjustable blade guide. Includes & Compressor AccessoriesSilverline 783100 Air Die1/4 male quick connector. Air Kit 5pc Grinder Kit 160mm 15pc consumption 6.0cfm.Silverline 675078 Air Tyre Inflator 400mm Code Description UnitSIL456932 Saw EachSIL633549 Blades Pk 5Silverline 793759 Air Drill Reversible 10mmComplete kit for spraying, inflating and cleaning. The kit comprises suction-feed spray gun with 750ml cup, 5m coiled air hose, tyre inflator, degreasing gun and blow gun.Air die grinder will accept all The air hose is fitted with 13mm1/4 and 1/8 shank burrs andReversible air drill with 10mm keyless (1/2) BSP female and male quickSuitable for motor vehicles, cycles,grindstones. Kit contains 10 mountedchuck. Side-mounted forward/connectors. Operating pressuredinghies and most inflatables.stones, 2 wrenches, 1/4 and 1/8reverse lever for one-handed 55psi for spray and degreasingDial reads 0-15Bar, 0-220psi andcollets. Includes 1/4 bayonet quickoperation and muffled handle guns. Air consumption 3-6cfm.0-1500kPa. Includes 1/4 bayonetconnect.Air consumption 4.0cfm.exhaust. Includes 1/4 bayonet quick Compressor required 2-3hp. quick connect.Hose length 400mm. Overall length of grinder 160mm. connect. Air consumption 5.0cfm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL633548 Each SIL675078 Each SIL783100 Each SIL793759 Each506 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'