b'PLUMBINGCOMPRESSON CONNECTORSCOMPRESSONCONNECTORS COOKERHOSES ANDPLUMBINGCONNECTORS GAS FITTINGSMake PRO077 OverflowMake Push-Fit Straight Make Compression Swept TeeStraight Tank ConnectorConnector Securplumb SU9826 Bayonet Connector 22mm Socket Micro StraightCOMPRESSON CONNECTORS, CONNECTORS & COOKERHOSES AND GAS FITTINGSA high quality push-fit straight connector available in white. Code UnitA high quality overflow straight tankMPSSU9826 EachA high quality swept tee available inconnector available in white with aCode Size Unitwhite for compression fit, suitable22mm connection for easy seal. MAKPRO083 32mm Each Securplumb SU9828 Bayonet for quick and easy plumbingMAKPRO084 40mm Each Flex Cooker Hose 4ftmaintenance. Code UnitCode Size Unit MAKPRO077 Each Make Push-Fit Swept Tee MAKPRO093 32mm Each Make PRO078 Overflow TeeConnectorMAKPRO094 40mm Each 22mm Pack of 2CONNECTORSMake PRO075 Overflow 90 Bend 22mm Pack of 2Code UnitMPSSU9828 EachA high quality overflow tee availableSecurplumb SU9830 Bayonet in white with a 22mm connection forA high quality push-fit swept teeAngled Cooker Hose 3ft x 6 easy seal, this essential plumbingavailable in white with connectionx 3/8product is ideal for the overflow offor push fit and easy seal.A high quality overflow bend withwater.90 angle for easy fit. This plumbingCode Unit Code Size Unitproduct is available in white withMAKPRO078 Each MAKPRO110 32mm Eacha 22mm connection, ideal forMAKPRO085 40mm Eachbathroom maintenance.Make Push-Fit Connector 135 Code Unit Bend Make PRO111 Bent Tap MAKPRO075 Each Connector 32mmMake PRO076 OverflowCode UnitStraight Coupler 22mm PackMPSSU9830 Eachof 2Securplumb SU9834 Compression Gas Valve Rigid Fan 15mmA high quality push-fit bend available in white with a 135 angle for those awkward angles. A high quality overflow bent tank connector available in white with a Code Size Unit 22mm connection for easy seal.MAKPRO079 32mm EachA high quality overflow connectorMAKPRO080 40mm Each Code Unitavailable in white with a 22mmMAKPRO111 Eachconnection for easy seal, this essential plumbing product is idealMake Push-Fit Connector 90 for extending two pipes togetherBend COOKERHOSES ANDCode Unitwhen one length is not long enough. GAS FITTINGS MPSSU9834 EachCode UnitMAKPRO076 Each Securplumb SU9824 BayonetSecurplumb SU9836 Cap Gas Cooker Socket Angled 1/2Valve Rigid Fan 15mmBrassA high quality push-fit bend available in white with a 90 angle for a close and neat finish.ALL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ONLINECode Size UnitMAKPRO081 32mm Each Code Unit Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk MAKPRO082 40mm Each MPSSU9824 Each MPSSU9836 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 41'