b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESSPECIALIST ADHESIVESPECIALIST ADHESIVE SEALANTS & ADHESIVESBostik 80213 Soft PlasticEverbuild Aquamate SiliconeEverbuild Plumbers GoldEverbuild Stick2 Textile Adhesive 20ml C3 Clear 300ml Adhesive 30mlSpecially formulated for the plumbing professional, Plumbers Aqua Mate Sealant is a high modulusGold is a new type of sealant and adhesive based on hybrid polymerStick 2 Textile Adhesive is a quick SPECIALIST ADHESIVE & SPRAY ADHESIVESacetic cure 100% silicone sealant technology that offers outstandingsetting clear adhesive for bonding a and adhesive designed specificallyadhesion to all sanitary, bathroom,variety of textiles and fabrics including This soft plastic adhesive fromfor aquarium manufacture. 100%wetroom, kitchen and plumbingcloth, canvas, fabric, leather, foam, Bostik is a very strong, quick drying,fish safe formula. Conforms fully tomaterials. For example, hard plastics,paper, sponge, cardboard and stone.clear adhesive suitable for mostISO 11600 G Class 20 LM. acrylics, fibreglass, ceramics, glass, soft plastics, including rubber,marble, granite, aluminium, mirrors,Code Size Unitpolyurethane and flexible PVC. Code Colour Unit metals etc. Plumbers Gold can beEVES2TEXTADH 30ml EachEVEAQUATR Clear Each applied to wet surfaces and will even Code Size Unit work underwater!. Everbuild Threadlock 10gEVO80213 20ml Card Everbuild Coving Adhesive & Joint Filler C3 Code Size UnitBostik 80214 Hard PlasticEVEPLUMBGCL Clear EachAdhesive 20ml EVEPLUMBGWE White EachEverbuild Stick 2 Touch Up Enamel 25mlThreadlock GP Blue, Medium strength anaerobic, allows for disassembly, thixotropic non-drip formula. For nuts, bolts, screws Coving adhesive is a high strengthand threads. Can be used on oil solvent free gap filling adhesive thatcontaminated parts.provides a quick grab for fixingCode Size Unitpolystyrene and plaster coving andEVETHREADLOCK10 10g Eachcornices to sound porous surfaces. Ideal for household plastic repairs Dries white and is over paintable Will bond hard plastics includingwhen dry. A high quality gloss enamel thatEvo-Stik 80220 PVC Pipe ridid PVC and clear acrylic provides superior rust protectionWeld 50mlCode Unit and dries to a mirror like finish. ItInstant strong bondis ideal for touching up scratchesSpecial non-clog nozzle EVECOVE Each and chips or enamel and lacquer Bonds: Hard plastics, including rigiddamages on bathroom fixtures, PVC and clear acrylic Everbuild Lumberjack 650kitchen appliances and ceramics. Floor Adhesive Buff 14kg It provides excellent colour and Code Size Unit gloss retention, even after repeated EVO80214 20ml Card cleaning, and has a high resistance to water and sunlight.Everbuild AC50 AcousticCode UnitSealant & Adhesive EVES2ENAMEL EachEverbuild Stick2 Hard Plastic Specialist clear adhesive for bonding ABS and PVC-U plasticsAdhesive 30mlExtra strong bond in 10 minutes Waterproof in a brushable gel formatBonds: Use for bonding ABS and PVC-U plasticsLumberjack 650 is a standardCode Size Unitsetting, hybrid polymer, trowelEVO80220 50ml Cardapplied adhesive, specially designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly on to all common substrates.SPRAY ADHESIVESLumberjack 650 has the following AC50 Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive iskey benefits: 100% active, solventSpray Adhesive 500mla high strength, permanently flexibleand water free, will not cause sealant and adhesive specificallywarpage of wood. Extended openStick 2 Hard Plastic Adhesive is a formulated for sealing and bondingtime, of one hour, for large scalestrong, clear, quick drying adhesive plasterboard and other kraft linedapplications permanently flexible,suitable for bonding most hard insulation boards. Typically usedsuitable for use with underfloorplastics such as rigid PVC, acrylic, for walls, ceilings and dry liningheating, excellent gap fillingpolycarbonate and ABS. Ideal for applications. Independently tested toproperties for uneven surfaces,repairs to guttering, cills and bonding BS EN ISO 140/3. excellent acoustic properties. Buff.uPVC and ABS non pressure pipework. Code Size Unit 14kg Temperature resistant to 100C.EVEAC50C4 C4 Each Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitEVEAC50900 900ml Each EVE65014 Each EVES2HARD 30ml Each HNHSPRAY 500ml EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 553'