b'HAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSHAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSSOCKETSHilka Socket Set 12pc 3/8Hilka Socket Set 25pc 1/2Silverline Socket 1/4 Drive Silverline Socket 3/8 DriveDrive Metric Drive MetricSOCKETS & SPANNERSChrome vanadium steel hex metric Chrome vanadium steel hex metricsocket. Fully mirror-polished finish. socket. Fully mirror-polished finish.Chamfered end for positive nut Chamfered end for positive nutlocation. Radius design for added location. Radius design for addedtorque and long life. Knurled band 12 piece fully heat treated carbontorque and long life. Knurled band,and hole for positive ball retention. steel socket set with mirror chromeball-retention hole. To DIN3124/ To DIN3124/ISO2725 and DIN3120/finish. 3/8 quick release ratchetISO2725 and DIN3120/ISO1174. ISO1174.handle with 72 teeth. Wall driveCode Size Unitsockets allow for more torque andCarbon steel fully heat treated withCode Size Unitavoid damaging the nut. Comes witha mirror chrome finish. 72 teethSIL641346 4.5mm Each SIL818672 6mm Each150mm extension bar and 10, 13, 14,quick release ratchet with knurledSIL134082 5mm Each SIL872117 7mm Each15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 24mm sockets. handle. The wall drive sockets giveSIL902942 8mm Each30% more torque. Packed in sturdySIL555524 5.5mm EachCode Unit heavy duty carrying case. Contents:SIL657259 6mm Each SIL138714 9mm EachHIL02201202 Each 18 x Metric regular sockets 8, 9, 10,SIL853854 7mm Each SIL990101 10mm Each11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22,SIL477607 11mm EachHilka Socket Set 21pc 3/824, 27, 30 and 32mm, 1 x ratchet, 2SIL545489 8mm EachDrive Metric x extensions 5 (125 mm) and 10SIL438281 10mm Each SIL310175 12mm Each(250mm), 1 x three way adapter 3/8SIL829834 11mm Each SIL931156 13mm Each(F) x 1/2 (M), 1 x universal joint, 2 xSIL414818 14mm Eachspark plug socket 16 and 21mm. SIL889318 12mm EachSIL568947 13mm Each SIL664313 15mm EachCode Unit SIL895849 16mm EachHIL01202502 Each SIL127107 14mm EachSIL865282 17mm EachSilverline Socket Storage RailSilverline Socket 1/4 DriveSIL639616 18mm EachSet 2pc 12pt Metric SIL859666 19mm EachSIL300116 20mm EachSIL423410 21mm EachCarbon steel fully heat treated withSilverline Deep Socket 3/8 a mirror chrome finish. 72 teethDrive 12pt Metricquick release ratchet with knurled handle. The wall drive sockets give12-point bi-hex socket for fast, 30% more torque. Packed in sturdyFor wall-mounting. High qualityaccurate location to the fastener. heavy duty carrying case. Contents:bearing clips retain sockets securely. Precision cold-forged, hardened 9 metric regular sockets 9-19mm,and tempered chrome vanadium 8 metric deep sockets 10-19mm, 1 xCode Size Unit steel. Fully polished and nickel ratchet, 2 x extensions 2 (50 mm)SIL675314 1/4 Each chrome-plated for durable corrosionDeep 12-point bi-hex socket for fast, and 3 (75mm) 1 x spinner disc. accurate location to the fastener. SIL282618 3/8 Each resistance. Chamfered ends andPrecision cold-forged, hardened Code Unit thin walls for positive location onand tempered chrome vanadium SIL427718 1/2 Each fastener. Knurled ring gives grip andsteel. Fully polished and nickel HIL02202102 Each control, and bearing hole provides chrome-plated for durable corrosion Silverline Sliding Bar solid connection to the tool. resistance. Chamfered ends and thin Hilka Socket Set 22pc 1/4walls for positive location on fastener. Drive Metric Code Size Unit Knurled ring provides grip and SIL355216 7mm Each control in the hand, and bearing hole SIL430820 8mm Each provides solid connection to the tool.Chrome vanadium square drive T-bars. Hardened, tempered,SIL650781 10mm Each Code Size Unitchrome-plated and polished. SpringSIL300283 13mm Each SIL293623 8mm Eachloaded ball bearing. SIL475370 13mm EachCode Size Unit Silverline Extension Bar Set SIL370585 15mm EachSIL277849 1/4 (150mm) Each SIL570020 16mm EachSIL794317 3/8 (200mm) Each SIL802018 17mm EachSIL398998 1/2 (250mm) Each SIL603639 19mm EachSilverline Universal Joint Silverline 102124 Deep Socket Carbon steel fully heat treated withTwin Podger 21/23mma mirror chrome finish. 72 teethHardened tempered chrome-plated quick release ratchet with knurledand polished. 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 handle. The wall drive sockets givesquare drive. Knurled bands. Spring-30% more torque. Packed in a sturdyloaded ball bearing. 1/4 contains heavy duty carrying case. Contents:Hardened tempered chrome50, 75 and 150mm extension bars. 9 metric regular sockets 4-13mm,vanadium steel, chrome-plated and3/8and 1/2 contain 75, 150 and 7 metric deep sockets 6-12mm,polished. Spring loaded ball bearing. 250mm extension bars. 3pc. Hardened and tempered 21/23mm bi ratchet, driver, 2 x extensions 2 (50hex deep socket with 2-way ratchet mm) and 6 (150mm), universal jointCode Size Unit Code Size Unit action. Tapered drop-forged handle for and spinner disc. SIL583241 1/4 Drive Each SIL598440 1/4 Drive Each quick easy alignment of bolt holes.Code Unit SIL993028 3/8 Drive Each SIL196508 3/8 Drive Each Code UnitHIL03302202 Each SIL918521 1/2 Drive Each SIL783095 1/2 Drive Each SIL102124 Each306 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'