b'WORKWEAR & PPEEYE PROTECTIONEYE PROTECTION WORKWEAR & PPEClear Over Spectacles WithSilverline (309636) SafetySilverline 140903 PanoramicVitrex 332102 Safety GogglesSide Protector Glasses UV Protection Yellow Safety GogglesScratch and impact-resistant Clear plastic coverspecs conforms topolycarbonate lenses. Offers UV EN166. Can be worn over spectacles. protection to wearer. Ideal for low- Blue tinted lightweight frame with EYE PROTECTION & FIRST AIDlight conditions. Complies to EN166. integral ventilation.Code UnitHNHOVERSPECS Per Pair Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL309636 Each SIL140903 Each VIT332102 EachClear Safety GogglesSilverline 140800 Over Specs Silverline 633740 SafetyVitrex 332104 Premium Goggles Indirect Ventilation Safety GogglesCan be worn over most types of prescription glasses.Impact goggle with indirect venting offering good protection fromCode Unit Soft, flexible, PVC frame andImpact and abrasion resistant, flying particles, PVC frame withSIL140800 Each polycarbonate lens.polycarbonate lens Conforms toclear polycarbonate lensCode UnitIndirect ventilation offers mist free EN166.1.B Silverline 140810 Welding SIL633740 Each vision, plus protection against dust Code Unit Goggles and liquid splashHNH0115C Each Silverline 868628 SafetySuitable for various applicationsGlassesFits over most prescriptionLightweight Clear SafetyspectaclesSpecs with Side ShieldF ully adjustable elasticated strapCode UnitVIT332104 EachClear polycarbonate safety lens with soft flexible frame and elasticisedVitrex 332108 Premium head strap. Wraparound design with adjustableSafety Spectacles ClearComfort / Safety / Style. 1 Pair ofside arms and moulded nose piece.Warrier Safety Specs. Code UnitSIL140810 Each Code UnitCode UnitSIL868628 EachHNHSAFETYSPECS PER PAIR Silverline 140893 Wraparound Hilka 77990002 SafetySafety Glasses Clear Silverline MSS160 Safety Goggles Goggles Direct Ventilation Clear polycarbonate lens, withventilated side arms Impact and abrasion resistantSuitable for various applications Stylish design, lightweight and Impact and scratch resistantcomfortable to wearcurved polycarbonate lens with UVSoft flexible PVC frame,Code UnitCE approved soft flexible frame withprotection. polycarbonate lens.good vision and ventilation. Code Unit VIT332108 EachCode UnitCode Unit SIL140893 Each SILMSS160 Each FIRST AIDHIL77990002 EachSilverline 140898 ShadowVitrex 332100 Safety Specs Eyewash Bottle 500mlHilka 77995502 Safety SpecsSafety GlassesCE ApprovedClear polycarbonate lens Impact and abrasion resistantLightweight modern frame with extendable and pivoted side arms Suitable for various applicationsScratch resistant lens. Adjustableand soft feel nose bridge for a Fits over most prescriptiondesign. secure fit. spectaclesCode Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL77995502 Each SIL140898 Each VIT332100 Each HNH900 500ml EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 567'