b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVES POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE CUP BRUSHESHilka 51960004 M14 KnottedSilverline (357148) RotarySilverline (525076) RotarySilverline 580432 End Twist Cup Brush 4 Stainless Steel Wire WheelStainless Steel Wire WheelBrush 22mmBrush 75mm Brush 100mmHigh tensile crimped stainless steel wire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust andHigh tensile crimped stainless steel paint removal, descaling, deburringwire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust and Aggressive twist design for cleaningand preparation of welding seams.paint removal, descaling, deburringTwisted steel, flat trimmed wire and removing paint and rust. M14 x 2For metal, especially stainless steel,and preparation of welding seams.brush with 6mm dia shank, for use WIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESthread for angle grinders. and stone working, cleaning andFor metal, especially stainless steel,with power drills.fabrication tasks. Use with drills.and stone working, cleaning and Code Size Unit 6mm shank. Max 4500rpm. fabrication tasks. Use with drills.Code UnitHIL51960004 100mm Each Code Unit 6mm shank. Max 4500rpm. SIL580432 EachSIL357148 Each Code Unit Silverline 763567 Double Row Hilka 51960025 M14 KnottedSIL525076 EachCup Brush 2.5 Silverline (409596) RotaryTwistKnot Bowl Cup 100mmStainless Steel Wire CupSilverline Steel Crimp CupBrush 75mmFor rust, paint, contaminant removal. Also for descaling, deburring and 0.3mm hardened steel wire for fastpreparation of welding seams. M14 x High tensile crimped stainless steelremoval of contaminants, rust and2 female thread. For use with angle Aggressive twist design for cleaningwire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust andpaint. M14 x 2 female thread for usegrinders. Max 8,500rpm.and removing paint and rust. M14 x 2paint removal, descaling, deburringon angle grinders. Max 12,500rpm.thread for angle grinders. and preparation of welding seams.Code UnitCode Size Unit For metal, especially stainless steel,Code Size Unit SIL763567 Eachand stone working, cleaning andSIL721676 65mm EachHIL51960025 63mm Each fabrication tasks. Use with powerSIL179055 100mm Each Silverline Brassed Steel Crimp drills. 6mm shank. Max 4500rpm. CupHilka 51960104 M14 BrassCode Unit Silverline 244983 Twist-Knot Cup Brush 4 SIL409596 Each Cup Brush 75mmSilverline (450322) Stainless Steel Crimp Bevel Brush 100mm - M14For fast removal of contaminants, rust and paint. M14 x 2 female thread. For 115mm angle grinders.Code Size UnitIdeal for cleaning and removingHigh tensile crimped stainless steelFor rust, paint, contaminant removal.SIL208542 75mm Eachpaint. M14 x 2 thread for anglewire, 0.3mm diameter, for rust andAlso for descaling, deburring and grinders. paint removal, descaling, deburringpreparation of welding seams. 6mmSIL969731 100mm Eachand preparation of welding seams. Forshank for use with power drills. SIL868900 125mm EachCode Size Unit metal and stone working, cleaning,Code UnitHIL51960104 100mm Each surface preparation and fabricationSIL244983 Each Silverline Rotary Wire Cup tasks. Use with angle grinders. M14 x 2BrushHilka 51960125 Brass Steelfemale thread. Max 12,500rpm. Silverline 244984 End Brush Crimp Brush 2.5 Code Unit 24mmSIL450322 EachSilverline Brass Crimp CupCrimped steel wire cup brush. For rust removal and welding Ideal for cleaning and removingSolid brass wire crimp cups for lightCrimped steel, flat trimmed wirepreparation. 6mm arbor. Max paint. M14 x 2 thread for use withcleaning.For use on stainless steel. brush with 6mm dia shank, for use4500rpm.angle grinder. Code Size Unit with power drills. Max 4500rpm. Code Size UnitCode Size Unit SIL797960 75mm Each Code Unit SILPB03 50mm EachHIL51960125 63mm Each SIL371743 100mm Each SIL244984 Each SILPB04 75mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 501'