b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESHAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESKNIVESRodo Snap Off Knife Silverline (365642) FoldingSilverline (628557) QuarterSilverline 244992 Metal Snap Lock-Back Utility KnifeMoon Knife 100mm Off Knife 18mm190mmKNIVES & BLADESHeavy die-cast, metal-bodied, snap-off knife with screw locking Stainless steel knife featuring blademechanism.lock system, wooden handle andCrescent-shaped steel blade.Code Unitlanyard hole. Folded size 115mm. Ergonomically-shaped, 2-tone, soft-grip handle. Removes uPVC windowSIL244992 EachCode Unit and door beads. For glazing, window, Snap-off knife, ideal for smallSIL365642 Each flooring and lead-work applications.Silverline 251094 Hobby Knife trimming jobs. Blades snap off when100mm blade. Set 16pcblunt for extended use. Silverline (373728) FoldingCode UnitCode Size Unit Utility Knife 160mm SIL628557 EachKnife BladesRODSKB 9mm Pk 10 Silverline (699155) Lock-Back RODLKB 18mm Pk 10 Utility Knife 100mmSnap Off KnifeRODSOK09 9mm EachRODSOK18 18mm EachRST RC200 Shoe Knife 110mm Opens easily with one hand, and theFor delicate or demanding work. locking action secures blade in open position. Lightweight ergonomicEasy to handle and extremely sharp. plastic handle with lanyard hole.Includes 3 aluminium handles and Ideal for cutting most materials.Locking action secures blade in opendetachable interchangeable ribbed Includes 5x 0.6mm blades. position. Quick-release button forgrip, 11 assorted scalpels and 2 easy blade change. Ergonomic nylonchisel tips. Handy case with integral Code Unit handle with lanyard hole. Ideal formagnetic blade storage strips.Angled Blade End. Wooden Handle. SIL373728 Each cutting most materials. Includes 1 x Code UnitCode Unit 0.6mm blade.SIL251094 EachRSTRC200 Each Silverline (536978) FoldingCode UnitRetractable Knife 165mm SIL699155 Each Silverline 251239 Hobby Knife RST RSX752 Site MateSet 51pcRetractable Utility Knife Silverline (746410) Folding Camouflage Pocket Knife 195mmThe RST utility knife is designedErgonomic grip and rugged within a zinc alloy body. The pushconstruction. Locking action button release allows the blade to besecures blade in open position. brought forward and back dependingQuick-change blade mechanism and on the required size of the blade.blade retractor. Cuts a wide range of The blade is also housed within thematerial. Features internal storageFolding camo-style lock knife with body when its not in use, as well as 4for up to 3 blades. black, stainless steel, half-serrated addition blades that sit in the bottomCode Unit blade and belt clip. ErgonomicFor delicate or demanding precision of the product. design. work. Sharp and easy to handle. SIL536978 Each Includes 7 aluminium handles, 37 Code Unit Code Unit assorted blades, 5 needle points and RSTRSX752 Each Silverline (568065) BoxSIL746410 Each sharpening stone. Case with integral Cutters 2pk 240mm magnetic blade storage strips.RST Site Mate AluminiumSilverline 184953 3-in-1Code UnitFolding Knife Rotary Cutter 45mm diameter SIL251239 EachSilverline 290192 Lock Knife & 10 Blades 90mmThe RST folding knife is designed with a safetly lock back systemGeneral purpose cardboard box making it safe to keep in your pocketcutters for cutting light and medium-or any tool box. Its sleak designweight materials such as cardboard, is manufactured from aluminium,shrink wrap, paper, nylon pallet- Locking action secures blade in an making it a robust and hardwearingstrapping, string, etc. Suitable foropen position. 90mm long in closed product. The blades are removableleft and right-hand users. Easy bladeErgonomic handle with retractableposition. Quick-release lever for and available to purchase seperatly. change. Compatible with Silverlineblade guard. Includes 4 blades: 2 xeasy blade change. Supplied with 10 Code Colour Unit Single Edge Razor Blades. straight, perforating and wave. heavy duty, standard utility blades.RSTRSX336B Blue Each Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitRSTRSX336R Red Each SIL568065 Each SIL184953 Each SIL290192 Each252 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'