b'HAND TOOLSMAGNIFYING TOOLSMAGNIFYING TOOLS MECHANICALNUT SPINNERS HAND TOOLSENGINEERINGSilverline 633830 HelpingEclipse Nutspinner Silverline 719776 Spinner Hands Magnifyer 63mm (2.5x) BOX SPANNERS Handle 1/4 Square DriveMonument 308L Sink Waste Box Spanner 46 x 50mmMAGNIFYING TOOLS, MASONS PEGS, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, MULTI TOOLS, NUT SPINNERS & PLASTERING TOOLSFor loosening and securing nuts particularly where spanners cannotHardened tempered chrome reach or are awkward to use vanadium, chrome-plated for Trilobular handle with tapered neckcorrosion resistance. Spring-loaded for ergonomic fit ball bearing. Male 1/4 drive.Monument 308L for quick assemblyCode Unitof sink wastes.Dual material handle for comfort inuse SIL719776 EachCode UnitIntegral moulded finger gripsVersatile device for holding workMON308L Each around neck to allow increasedSilverline PC70 Nut Splitter in a fixed position during assembly,torque 7830 - 7mm (932) AF,Set 2pc 2-15mm & 15-22mmsoldering or painting. For modelflexible shaft, with thicker handle MULTI TOOLS for improved working grip. High making, electronics and crafts. strength flexible spring shaftIncludes 2 fully adjustable arms withHilka Stainless Steel Multi Ideal for use with hose clipscroc clips and heavy duty base for stability. Tool SmallCode Hex UnitCode Unit Size: 7mmSIL633830 Each NEI7830 n/a EachForged steel nut splitters. 2-15mm Silverline 633945 MagnifyingSize: 150mm and 15-22mm. Chrome molybdenum Glass 100mm (3x) NEI7850 5mm Each blades.NEI7855 5.5mm Each Code UnitNEI7860 6mm Each SILPC70 EachHardened and tempered stainlessNEI7880 8mm Eachsteel for long life. 12 in 1 withNEI7810 10mm Each PLASTERING TOOLSpowerful spring loaded pliers with convenient open frame design.Priory 3502 Nut SplitterBOARD LIFTERSPrecision lens magnifies objectsOpened size 11cm, closed 7cm.Large3x with minimal distortion. 95mmIncludes: Universal pliers with handle. serrated long nose, wire cutter, saw,RST RTR6575 Door Board small and large knife, bottle opener,LifterCode Unit 3x flat head screwdrivers, phillips SIL633945 Each screwdriver, nail cleaner, fine and course file.Silverline 929088 Magnifying Glass 75mm (5x) Code UnitHIL73841201 EachManufactured from drop forgedquality tool steel, the priory Nut Splitter provides the simplest way Stanley 0-84-519 12 in 1 Multito remove seized nutsCast alloyTool1. Retract the hardened steel F or lifting doors or board single handedcutting bladeHigh arch 2. Place the nut splitter over the 75mm dia precision lens magnifiesseized nut Code Unitobjects 5x with minimal distortion. 3 . Tighten the high tensile bolt andRSTRTR6575 Each95mm handle. force the cutting blade in to the nutCode Unit4. The nut should split cleanlySilverline (779456) Panel SIL929088 Each leaving the bolt or stud in tact Carrier 365mmCode Size UnitMASONS PEGS PRI3502 Large Each 12 tools in 1: 1. Universal pliers with Silverline 675317 Masons Peg 245mm serrated noses 2. Wire cutter 3.Silverline 380111 Flexible Saw 4. Small knife 5. Large knife 6.Shaft Hose Clip Driver 7mm Bottle opener 7. Curve jaw pliers 8.Hex3 mm flared screwdriver 9. 6 mm flared screwdriver 10. 8 mm flared screwdriver 11. Phillips 1 screwdriverLightweight and impact-resistant 12. File ABS panel carrier for transportingHardened and tempered tools forbuilding boards and other flatlong life materials with ease. The ergonomicModern, sleek polished look lifting handle is angled away from Supplied with a STANLEY brandedthe material to protect knuckles, Use to support block work whenFor use with worm drive jubilee styleand the holding notch is carefully replacing door and window frames.pouch with a belt clip hose clips in positions up to 90.designedto hold the panel securely Strong octagonal steel shaft with Ideal for everyday uses atHexagon socket and flexible shaft.during transportation. Maximumcorrosion-resistant finish. Overallwork (industry, automotive &Large high impact plastic easy-gripcapacity 80kg. H x L x W: 365 x 166 length 245mm. construction) or at home handle. x 73mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitSIL675317 Each STA084519 Each SIL380111 7mm Each SIL779456 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 259'