b'HAND TOOLSWIRE BRUSHESHAND TOOLSWIRE BRUSHESHilka 2 pc Extending PavingRST Light Duty Wire Brush Silverline 156914 3-Row WireSilverline 599072 6-Row Wire Brush Brush with Scraper StainlessSteel Wire Broom HeadSteelWIRE BRUSHESRST 3 Row Scratch Brush; shaped wood handle with a hanging hole Fits aluminium extension pole (633699). 30mm long bristles. Code Size Unit Length 180mm. Width 62mm.Heavy duty 6 rows of 19 flatRST5803 3 Row Each Wire brush with stainless steel steel wire brush for difficult toCode Unitclean surfaces. Three rows of 10RST5804 4 Row Each 30mm bristles and steel scraper.SIL599072 Eachconverging copper coated steelSoft-grip rubber overmould grip wire brush with heavy duty scraper.RST Heavy Duty Wire Brush handle. Overall length 350mm.Silverline 617623 Mini Wire Extending tubular steel handleCode Unit Brush Set3pc800-1400mm is easily adjusted.SIL156914 EachEasily removes weeds, moss and dirt from patios, block paving and paving stones. Silverline 250554 4-Row Wire Brush D-HandleCode UnitHIL55803902 EachHeavy dutyWooden handle Hilka 4 Row Wire BrushCode Size UnitRSTRSB02 2 Row Each 1 x nylon, 1 x brassed, 1 x stainless steel. Suitable for cleaning jobs and RSTRSB03 3 Row Each removal of flaking paint, rust and dirt.RSTRSB04 4 Row Each Curved pattern for easy cornerCode UnitPlastic handle 4 x 16 row high carbonWith Scraper access. Four rows of 25mm wireSIL617623 Eachsteel wire brush. Ergonomic handleRSTRSB04S 4 Row Each bristles. Sturdy plastic body with for comfort. Radius wire resistsD-handle. Silverline 763578 4-Row bending and scratching. RemovesSilverline (369742) Steel WireCode Unit Brassed Wire Brush Plastic paint, grime and scale with ease,Brush Steel SIL250554 Each Handlesafe for cleaning solvents. Can be used on wrought iron and concrete.Silverline Pipe Cleaning BrushCode UnitHIL67901104 EachHilka 55800012 Block PavingHeavy duty, brassed steel wire brush Wire Brush & Handle Polyurethane handles. Steel wirewith stay-clean, tough plastic handle. bristle brushes for welding seamLength 280mm.preparation and heavy cleaning. Overall length 240mm. Code UnitCode Unit Corrosion-resistant brass wireSIL763578 Eachbristles, galvanized steel stem. For SIL369742 Each cleaning drill holes and internalSilverline 793774 Spark Plug bores. Brush 150mmSilverline (699874) BrassedCode Size UnitWire Brush BrassSIL263226 1/2 EachSIL263217 3/4 Each3 Rows of converging wire givesSIL263211 1 Eachdirect contact with weeds and moss to clean in between paving slabs andSilverline 596171 5-RowBrassed steel brush for cleaning block paving. Fitted with 1.2 metreMedium Wire Brush Set 3pc spark plugs. Tough, stay-clean plastic Handle. handle.Code Unit Polyurethane handles. Brass-platedCode UnitHIL55800012 Each steel bristles for rust removalSIL793774 Eachand light cleaning. Overall length 240mm.Hilka 67903305 5 Row WireSilverline 868565 Jumbo Wire Brush & Scraper Code Unit Brush Easy Grip 200 x 50mmSIL699874 EachSilverline 134419 4 Row Wire BrushSet of 3 brushes with brassed, nylon and stainless steel bristles for general cleaning, rust removal andHeavy duty. For removal of dirt, surface preparation. Comfortablecontaminates, rust and paint from Plastic handle brush with sturdyFor removing rust, scale and generalsoft-grip handles. Overall lengthmetal, wood, plastic, brick, render steel scraper. surface preparation. 190mm. and pebbledash. Double-handled.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL67903305 Each SIL134419 Each SIL596171 Each SIL868565 Each354 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'