b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESSCREW DRIVER BITSSCREW DRIVER BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESSCREW DRIVER BIT SETSHilka 37955010 10pc PoziRST 010 Screwdriver Bit SetSilverline (850276) PrecisionSilverline 633662 Security No.2 Bits 10pc Phone Repair Kit 16pce Bit Set 1/4 Hex 98pcHigh quality S2 50mm Bits for use with power or cordless drills or10 piece Screwdriver Bit set in aPrecision steel tool set with soft-grip screwdrivers. Titanium Coated. compact rigid plastic housing. plastic handles. Ideal for opening 25mm CRV Screwdriver bits includesand repairing mobile phones, tablets SCREW DRIVER BITSCode Size Unit Phillips PH1 x1, PH2 x2, PH3 x2 andand laptop computers. Includes: HIL37955010 PZ2 x 50mm Each Pozi PZ1 x2 & PZ2 x2. slotted 2.0 x 40mm; Phillips 1.2 x Comes with 1 x 60mm compact40mm; Trx T4 x 40mm, T5 x 40mm, Hilka Mobile Phone Repair Kit magnetic bit holder. T6 x 40mm; and Pentalobe 0.8 x 40mm and 1.2 x 40mm. Also includesChrome vanadium. 1/4 hex drive Code Unit straight and angled tweezers, minisecurity bits compatible with most RSTRST010 Each scraper and scalpel, and 4 x plastictamper proof fastener systems. tools for opening click-on covers andIncludes 17 x 75mm long bits, 79 x RST 012 Screwdriver Bit Setphone cases. 25mm bits, 60mm bit holder, and 25mm connector. Carry case.21pc Code UnitSIL850276 Each Code UnitSIL633662 EachSilverline 633840 Chrome vanadium steel for maximumScrewdriver Bit Set 100pc Silverline 681743 Colour performance and durability.Coded Bit Set 32pcErgonomic handle design with swivel head for precise, comfortable use. Plastic pry bar to open housings without damage. Ideal for repairing mobile phones, glasses, cameras and computers. Contains: 14 precision bits,21 piece screwdriver bit set. Includes suction cup, double ended pry tool,20 x 25mm Pozi PZ2 bits and 1 x 120mm bit extension bar and handle. 75mm magnetic socket adaptor.Code Unit Code UnitHIL37701800 Each RSTRST012 EachMakita P-46296 Clear &RST 013 Screwdriver Bit Set Stubby Screw Guide Set 10pc 16pc Quick-release bit holder set in 95 assorted chrome vanadiumstorage case with belt clip. Includes driver bits; slotted, Phillips, PZD,Phillips 1, 2 x 2 and 3. PZD: 1, 2 x 2 hex (standard and tamper proof,and 3. Slotted 3, 4, 5 and 6. Hex 3, 4, metric and imperial), Trx (standard5 and 6. Torx T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, and tamper proof, triple square andT30 and T40. Tamper-proof T10, T15, square recess), and assorted bitsT20, T25, T27, T30 and T40, plus for electrical household appliances.driver and 1/4 socket adaptor.Includes hook driver, 3 adaptors and 60mm bit holder. Compact storageCode Unitcase. SIL681743 EachCode Unit Code UnitMAKP-46296 Each 16 piece screwdriver bit set. IncludesSIL633840 Each15 x 25mm Pozi PZ2 bits and 1 x magnetic socket adaptor.RST 009 Screwdriver Bit SetSilverline 456967 Screwdriver 10pc Code Unit Bit Set 50mm 33pcRSTRST013 EachSilverline 245016 Security Bit Set 50mm 33pc10 piece screwdriver bit set in a compact rigid plastic housing. 25mm CRV Screwdriver Bits - Phillips PH1 x1, PH2 x2, PH3 x1, Pozi PZ1 x1, PZ2 x2 and Slotted 0.8x5.5mm & 1.2x6.5mm.Chrome vanadium. Compatible withChrome vanadium. Contains most Comes with 1 x 60mm compactmost current tamper proof fasteningfrequently used sizes. Includes bit magnetic bit holder. systems. Includes bit holder and case. holder and case.RAPID DELIVERY Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitRSTRST009 Each SIL245016 Each SIL456967 Each www.newtonhale.co.ukOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 497'