b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSGAS TESTERS HEAT MATS KEYS & SPANNERSMonument 257C Gas TestMonument 2348q Glass FibreDickie Dyer (392642) HeavyDickie Dyer (464361) Manometer Plumbers Mat 12x10 Duty Manhole Cover KeyMultipurpose 4-in-1 Stopcock 230mm / 9 - 15.029 Key 1100mm / 42 - 11.002PLUMBERS TOOLSCorrosion-resistant galvanised steel key allows easy access to drainage Monument 257C Gas Test GaugeHeavy duty, corrosion-resistantsystems by lifting or replacing 30mb 300mm/12 Monument 257Cgalvanised steel key with extra- manhole covers. Quality welds with Gas Test Gauge 30mb 300mm/12inDimensions : 300mm x 250mm. strong induction welds. Allows easystrong T-bar design. Fits 1/2 and Made from tough plastics used both3/4 square stop taps, and 1/2 and for testing pipework installationsContains no asbestos lifting and replacing of manhole3/4 stop taps.with air for leaks before the Made from glass fibre covers for access to drainage systems. Triangular lifting handle.Code UnitSuitable for most non-locking covers introduction of gas and for checking Protects up to 600Cand setting corre Code Size Unit and pedestrian duty Broadstel. SIL464361 EachCode Unit MON2348Q 300x250mm Each Code Unit Dickie Dyer (476883) Brass MON257C Each SIL392642 Each Clock-Type Radiator Bleed Monument 2351A Heat Pads Keys 2pk - 11.016Monument 258F Gas TestDickie Dyer (409146) Brass Manometer Clock-Type Radiator Bleed Keys 10pk - 11.042Corrosion-resistant polished brassExtruded cover slides off and may bekeys. For air vents to release air from clipped over the base for standingMonument 2351A Soldering &water-filled radiators. Clock-type key the tool vertically during use Brazing Pad resists temperatureshandle for easy turning. CompatibleHanging tab permits verticalup to 600 Celsius, and doesCorrosion-resistant polished brasswith most radiator bleed valves. hanging from suitable protrusions.not present any of the hazardskeys. For air vents to release air fromCode UnitMarked in millibars, the scaleassociated with asbestos material.water-filled radiators. Clock-type key adjusts for zeroing water level Made from HDW graphite material.handle for easy turning. CompatibleSIL476883 Each Plastic U Tube Size: 250mm (10in). with most radiator bleed valves. Code Unit Code Unit Dickie Dyer (491462) Code Unit Universal Stopcock 5-in-1 Key MON258F Each MON2351A Each SIL409146 Each 875mm / 34 - 15.010HEAT MATS KEYS & SPANNERS Dickie Dyer (456027) Crutch Head Stopcock Key 1075mm / Dickie Dyer (903666) BurnDickie Dyer (290063)42 - 15.015Barrier 290 x 200mm -Cranked Immersion HeaterCorrosion-resistant galvanised steel 16.001 Spanner 121mm - 11.024 key in robust construction. Allows easy access to drainage systems in hard-to-reach locations. Tapered handle T-bar insert for leverage and lifting access covers. Fits 5 types Corrosion-resistant galvanised steelof stopcock: 1/2 and 3/4 crutch key with extended shaft for hard-to- head valves; and 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 Corrosion-resistant galvanisedreach stopcocks. Tapered chisel endsquare.steel spanner for reaching recessedon T-handle. Suitable for standardCode UnitTough, multi-layered, multi-materialelements on immersion heater hotstopcocks. SIL491462 Eachdesign for maximum insulation.water tanks. Code UnitWater-resistant backing. ProtectsCode Unit SIL456027 Each Dickie Dyer (558670) Box decorative surfaces, timber, wiringSIL290063 Each Immersion Heater Spanner and conduit against burn damage. Withstands high temperature flamesDickie Dyer (459943) Brass86mm - 11.023when soldering or brazing. WellDickie Dyer (300054) HeavyQuad Key 4-in-1 - 11.022proportioned heat-protection pad forDuty Manhole Cover Key general applications. 600mm / 24 - 15.031Code UnitSIL903666 Each Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant galvanised carbon steel spanner. Heavy duty, corrosion-resistantLong pattern makes reaching POWER TOOLS galvanised steel key with extra- recessed elements on immersion See pages 503-531 strong induction welds. Allows easyStrong, polished brass 4-in-1 key.heaters easier. No-slot design lifting and replacing of manholeComfortable cross design features 3ensures the removal of power cable covers for access to drainagex radiator valve keys. Includes meterbefore removing heater, reducing systems. Triangular lifting handle.box key for gas and electric boxes.risk of electric shock. Includes Suitable for most non-locking coversFor Lockshield valves: 1/2, 3/4 andtommy bar for leverage. Compatible and pedestrian duty Broadstel. 1. Dimensions: 90 x 90mm. with most immersion heaters.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL300054 Each SIL459943 Each SIL558670 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 275'