b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSNAILSNAILS NUTS FIXINGS & FASTENERSTWIST NAILS CONNECTOR NUTS HEXAGONAL NUTSTwist Nails Connector Nut Zinc Plated Hexagon Nut Bright Zinc Plated Fixman (662943) Hex Bolts & Nuts Pack 75pceMultipurpose nail for use with bothCode Size Unitsoft and hard wood. Code Size Unit FOR100NUT3 M3 Bag 100FOR10CN6ZP M6 Bag 10 FOR50NUT10 M10 Bag 50Code Size Unit FOR10CN8ZP M8 Bag 10NAILS, NUTS & PACKERSGalvanised FOR100NUT4 M4 Bag 100FOR10CN10ZP M10 Bag 10 FOR50NUT12 M12 Bag 50FOR10NLT30G 3.75 x 30 10kg Box FOR10CN12ZP M12 Bag 10FOR10NLT40G 3.75 x 40 10kg Box FOR100NUT5 M5 Bag 100 Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. FOR10NUT16 M16 Bag 10 Very secure fastening. Includes FOR1NLT30GB 3.75 x 30 1kg Bag LOCKING NUTS assorted sizes between M5 x 20 to FOR212NLT30GB 3.75 x 30 2.5kg Bag FOR100NUT6 M6 Bag 100 M8 x 30mm. Handy storage case FOR500NLT30GB 3.75 x 30 500g Bag Nylon Locking Nut Bright ZincFOR10NUT20 M20 Bag 10 with compartments.Sheradised Plated FOR100NUT8 M8 Bag 100 Code UnitFOR10NLT30S 3.75 x 30 10kg Box Fixman (205828) FlangeSIL662943 EachFOR10NLT40S 3.75 x 40 10kg Box Nuts Pack 78pceFixman (771284) Hex Nuts Timco Square Twist NailsPack 1000pceGalvanisedCode Size UnitFOR100NYLOC4 M4 Bag 100FOR100NYLOC5 M5 Bag 100FOR100NYLOC6 M6 Bag 100FOR100NYLOC8 M8 Bag 100Code Size (mm) Unit FOR50NYLOC10 M10 Bag 50 Zinc-platedfor corrosion resistance. TIMGST30B 3.75 x 30 1kg Bag FOR50NYLOC12 M12 Bag 50 Hexagonal drive flange nuts with TIMGST40B 3.75 x 40 1kg Bag FOR10NYLOC16 M16 Bag 10 serrated bearing surface. ProtrudingZinc-plated for corrosion resistance. FOR10NYLOC20 M20 Bag 10 flange allows use on irregular orInternally threaded fastener. TIMGST30T 3.75 x 30 2.5kg Tub oversized holes. Includes assorted Includes sizes M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, TIMGST40T 3.75 x 40 2.5kg Tub sizes M5 to M12. Handy storage caseM10 and M12. Handy storage case TIMGST30MB 3.75 x 30 500g Bag Fixman (742547) Lock Nutswith compartments. with compartments.TIMGST40MB 3.75 x 40 500g Bag Pack 108pce Code Unit Code UnitSIL205828 Each SIL771284 EachVENEER PINSSHEAR NUTS WING NUTSVeneer PinPronged Tee Nut Bright ZincWing Nut Zinc PlatedPlatedZinc-plated for corrosion resistance. Multipurpose nail for use with bothIntegrated nylon insert for tightCode Size Unitsoft and hard wood. Bright. fitting around thread. Very secure fastening. Includes assorted sizesFOR10WING5 M5 Bag 10Code Size (mm) Unit M4 to M12. Handy storage case withFOR10WING6 M6 Bag 10FOR250NLVP20B 1.00 x 20 250g Bag compartments. Code Size Unit FOR10WING8 M8 Bag 10FOR500NLVP15B 1.00 x 15 500g Bag Code Unit FOR10PTN6 M6 Bag 10 FOR10WING10 M10 Bag 10FOR500NLVP20B 1.00 x 20 500g Bag SIL742547 Each FOR10PTN8 M8 Bag 10 FOR10WING12 M12 Bag 10PACKERSSilverline 633499 AssortedTimco Assorted FlatpackersTimco Assorted PlastedWORKWEAR & PPEPlastic Packers 1-6mm Bag-200 Shims 1-6mm Bag-200See pages 559-576Assorted colour-coded plastic packers. Clearly marked sizes 1, 2, 3,Assorted bag of flatpackers. 1mm toAssorted bag of plastic shims. 1mm 4, 5 and 6mm. 6mm. Bag of 200. to 6mm. Bag of 200.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL633499 Pk 100 TIMPACKER Bag TIMSHIM BagOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 139'