b'IRONMONGERYLOCKSLOCKS IRONMONGERYDEAD LOCKSYale 85DMG/PB DeadlockingYale 89 DeadlockingYale P85 DeadlockingYale P89 Deadlocking Nightlatch Nightlatch 60mm (Boxed) Nightlatch 40mm (Pre-Pack) Nightlatch Polished Brass 60mm (Pre-Pack)LOCKS60mm Backset - For doors with no40mm Backset - Recommended for restriction on width. Supplied withdoors where there is a restricted60mm Backset - For doors with no 40mm Backset - Recommended foran 1109 cylinder. High Security. 2width to mount a lock. Supplied withrestriction on width. Supplied with doors where there is a restrictedYear Guarantee. an 1109 cylinder. High Security. 2an 1109 cylinder. High Security. 2 width to mount a lock. Supplied withCode Finish Unit Year Guarantee. Year Guarantee.an 1109 cylinder. High Security. 2YAL89PB Brass Each Code Finish Unit Code Finish UnitYear Guarantee. YALP89PB Brass EachYAL89SC Satin Chrome Each YALP85PB Brass EachCode Unit Keyed Alike YALP85CH Chrome Each YALP89CH Chrome EachYAL85PB Each YAL89PBX1076 Brass Each YALP85BL Brasslux Each YALP89BL Brasslux EachDIGITAL DOOR LOCKS EURO LOCKSERA Digital Lock Satin Securit Anti-Snap EuroSecurit Anti-Snap EuroSecurit 3 Star British Cylinder Thumbturn Cylinder Standard Euro Cylinder BrassCode Size UnitAnti-Snap Anti-Bump Euro cylinderMPSS1972 40x50mm Each3 KEYS.MPSS1978 45x50mm Each Easy to operate and program usingCode Size Unitthe keypad Anti-Snap Anti-Bump thumb cylinderBrass Securit Euro Cylinder Suitable for internal and external3 KEYS. MPSS2056 35 x 35mm Eachapplications Code Size Unit MPSS2062 40 x 40mm EachPassage function so the door canBrass MPSS2066 40 x 45mm Eachbe opened using just the handleMPSS2072 40 x 50mm Eachwhen restricted access is notMPSS2094 35 x 35mm Eachrequired MPSS2098 40 x 40mm Each MPSS2076 40 x 55mm EachSuitable for door thickness 35- MPSS2096 50 x 50mm Each MPSS2082 40 x 60mm Each50mm MPSS2070 45 x 45mm Each Maximum 7 digit code, minimum 1NickelMPSS2078 45 x 50mm Eachdigit MPSS2095 35 x 35mm Each Deadlocking latch bolt MPSS2099 40 x 40mm Each MPSS2080 45 x 55mm EachCode Size UnitMPSS2097 50 x 50mm Each MPSS2084 50 x 50mm EachCode Desc. Unit Nickel BrassERA29051 No hold back Each Securit Euro CylinderMPSS2057 35 x 35mm Each MPSS2006 35 x 35mm EachERA29151 With hold back Each Thumbturn MPSS2063 40 x 40mm Each MPSS2012 40 x 40mm EachMPSS2067 40 x 45mm Each MPSS2016 40 x 45mm EachERA 300-35-1 Digital LockMPSS2020 45 x 45mm EachSatin Chrome With Holdback MPSS2073 40 x 50mm EachMPSS2077 40 x 55mm Each MPSS2022 40 x 50mm EachMPSS2083 40 x 60mm Each MPSS2026 40 x 55mm EachMPSS2071 45 x 45mm Each MPSS2030 45 x 55mm EachMPSS2079 45 x 50mm Each MPSS2032 40 x 60mm EachMPSS2081 45 x 55mm Each NickelMPSS2085 50 x 50mm Each MPSS2003 30 x 30mm EachCode Size Unit MPSS2007 35 x 35mm EachBrass MPSS2013 40 x 40mm EachMPSS2044 35 x 35mm Each MPSS2017 40 x 45mm EachA fully mechanical access control solution designed for low usageMPSS2048 40 x 40mm Each MPSS2021 45 x 45mm Eachapplication e.g. store cupboards, staffNickel MPSS2023 40 x 50mm Eachonly areas, IT rooms, office doors etc. MPSS2043 30 x 30mm Each A MASSIVE RANGEMPSS2027 40 x 55mm EachCode Unit MPSS2045 35 x 35mm Each MPSS2031 45 x 55mm EachTO CHOOSE FROM MPSS2033 40 x 60mm EachERA3003-35-1 Each MPSS2049 40 x 40mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 415'