b'POWER TOOLSWELDERSWELDERS POWER TOOLSSilverline (340266) WeldingSilverline (615322) MIGSilverline 466888 Arc Welder Helmet Spatter Shields 5pkWelding Shrouds 2pk 55 - 160AFrontWELDERSChrome-plated brass shrouds. FitsSince 1930, H Newton most MB15 style torches. Push-fitHale & Sons Limited Protects the welding filter lensconnection and conical weldinghas established itself as from damage by spatter and dirt.nozzle design. Compatible with allMoving coil transformer offersone of the UKs leading Economical and easy to replace.Silverline MIG and MAG weldersCompatible with Silverline Variable &stepless regulation of welding currentindependent suppliers Grinding Welding Helmet. Code Unit with thermal and overload protection.of quality hand and SIL615322 Each Fan cooled, high efficiency compactpower tools, builders Code Unit and lightweight for portability. Kithardware and security SIL340266 Each supplied with earth cable, electrodeproducts. With over 90 Silverline (380736) MIG/ holder, chipping hammer/wire brush MAG Combination Gas/No Gasand welding mask. 230V 20A poweryears experience of the Silverline (467860) WeldingWelder 30-135A supply. industry, the company Helmet Spatter Shields 5pk remains to this day, a Code Unit third generation, family SIL466888 Each owned business, offering our customers an Silverline 677293 Arc Welderunrivalled service.40-100AProtects the welding filter lens from damage by spatter and dirt.Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) 135A Compatible with Silverline Weldingwelder featuring both MIG (gasless) Helmets. and MAG (gas) modes with easy tool-free polarity change. Features 6 Code Unit power settings and fine wire speed SIL467860 Each adjustment for easy set-up. Torch-controlled wire feed. Welds mild Silverline (640234) Weldingsteel up to 6.5mm with smooth DC Helmet Spatter Shields 5pkoutput for easy high quality welds. Front (934295) Current range 30-135A (30, 43, 52,Moving coil transformer offers 78, 105, 135). Thermal overloadstepless regulation of welding current protection and turbo fan cooling.with thermal and overload protection. Extended handle and wheels forFan-cooled, high efficiency compact portability. Rear gas bottle storageand lightweight for portability. Kit with securing strap. Includes MIGsupplied with earth cable, electrode wire spool, welding mask, earthholder, chipping hammer/wire brush cable, welding torch, hammer brushand welding mask. 230V 13A power and minor accessories. supply.Protects the welding filter lensCode Unit Code Unitfrom damage by spatter and dirt.SIL380736 Each SIL677293 EachCompatible with Silverline Welding Helmets. Silverline 103597 Inverter ArcSilverline 846386 Inverter Code Unit Welder 200A Arc Welder 100ASIL640234 EachSilverline (990235) Welding Helmet Spatter Shields 5pkCompact, portable machine suitable Protects the welding filter lensfor welding steel and cast iron fromCompact, portable machine suitable from damage by spatter and dirt.1.6 - 10mm. DC scratch start, hotfor welding steel and cast iron from Compatible with Silverline Weldingstart, anti-stick device and arc force1.6 - 3.2mm. DC scratch start, hot Helmets. control with adjustable current.start, anti-stick device and arc force IGBT technology and integratedcontrol with adjustable current. IGBT Code Unit fan-cooling system welds for twicetechnology and integrated fan-cooling SIL990235 Each as long as comparable non-invertersystem welds for twice as long as welders. Automatic overload andcomparable non-inverter welders. thermal cut-out protection. IncludesAutomatic overload and thermal cut-electrodes, gloves, mask andout protection. Includes electrodes, hammer brush. gloves, mask and hammer brush.Code Unit Code UnitSIL103597 Each SIL846386 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 531'