b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSIRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSBRASS PADLOCKS CHAIN PADLOCKS COMBINATION & TRAVEL LOCKSYale 850 Bronze WeatherproofSquire Stronglock Chain Hilka TSA Travel CombinationKasp K117 Heavy Duty Combi Padlock Padlock 30mm Padlock SteelPAD LOCKSWeather resistant lock body and rust free internal components, the KaspBronze body 117 series is ideal for outdoor use. 10 Ideal for anti-sparking conditions year guarantee.Hardened steel and with 8mm anRe-keyable 6 pin cylinder 10mm chain link diameter they offerCode Size UnitSpring loaded shackle high security whilst being lighter to KASK11750D 50mm Each Snaplocking, key to unlock carry than the stronghold range andProvide safe and reliable protection 2 point locking offering excellent value for money. as allows luggage to be unlocked Kasp K119 High SecurityKey retention when padlock isand inspected by security authoritiesCombi Padlock 60mmunlocked Code Size Unit without damage. Red Lock OpenCan be used in master suite SQUX3 8 x 915mm Each alert indicator for easy recognition. Fully hardened with rust and Code Size Unit SQUX4 8 x 1200mm Each corrosion resistant finish. Uses a 3 YAL850 50mm Each SQUY3 10 x 915mm Each digit combination that can be easily SQUY4 10 x 1200mm Each reset.CHAIN PADLOCKS Code UnitCOMBINATION & TRAVELHIL70400030 EachKasp K450 Chain & Padlock LOCKS Hardened steel lock body, supertough Hilka TSA Travel Keyedmolybdenum steel shackle and anti Padlock 27mm manipulation locking mechanism. ERA Wordlock 4 Dial LuggageThe hi-tech double bolted locking Lock Red mechanism features a special anti Features hardened steel square linksmanipulation system to protect the with extra strong welds offering alock from being opened through high level of resistance to croppingintelligent manipulation techniques.and sawing. Encased in a durableCode Unitfabric, reassuringly embroidered withKASK11960D Eachthe Kasp logo, the 450 series cuts no corners when it comes to security.Kasp K119 High Security Code Size Unit Combi Padlock 60mm Closed KASK4506130 6 x 850mm Each ShackleKASK4508135 8 x 1100mm EachSecurit S1299 Chain LockProvide safe and reliable protection Hardened Body as allows luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities 30mm without damage. Red Lock Open alert indicator for easy recognition. Code Size Unit Fully hardened with rust and ERAWLLL206RD 30mm Each corrosion resistant finish along withHardened steel lock body, supertough 2 keys included. molybdenum steel shackle and anti Code Unit manipulation locking mechanism. Hilka Brass CombinationThe hi-tech double bolted locking Padlock 38mm HIL70400027 Each mechanism features a special anti manipulation system to protect the Nickel Plate. Kasp K115 Dial Combinationlock from being opened through Padlock Zinc Plated intelligent manipulation techniques.Code Size UnitMPSS1299 6-10mm Each Code UnitKASK11960XD EachSilverline (502984) Chain Lock 6 x 900mm 5-Digit Securit S1228 750mm Combination Chain Lock Zinc Plated38mm Brass combination padlock, Tough, 6mm hardened steel chain for4 digit combination, solid brass high level of security. Chunky 5-digitrust and corrosion resistant, fullyThe 115 series combines the security combination lock. Flexible cloth sleevehardened shackle 6.3mm diameter.of a hardened steel shackle and protects paintwork. Easy to releaseDisplay packaged in double blisterthe convenience of a keyless and lock and easy to transport. card. combination mechanism.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL502984 Each HIL70760038 Each KASK11548D 45mm Each MPSS1228 800mm Each424 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'