b'GARDENING & OUTDOORHOOKS & SLASHERSGARDENING & OUTDOORHOOKS & SLASHERS INCINERATORS & COALKNIVES LADDERS & BUNKERS PLATFORMSSilverline GT56 Machete &Monument 1023Z Trade Sheath 400mm Galvanised Mini GardenTrimming Knife Drabest 3WAY Multi Function Incinerator And Lid Fire Bin3 Way Step Ladder EN13113LStraight blade machete with wooden handle. Includes nylon sheath andBlue/White Trade Trimming Knife. belt loop. Use 1024C Spare Blades.Code Unit Code UnitHOOKS & SLASHERS, INCINERATORS & COAL BUNKERS, KNEELING PADS, KNIVES & LADDERS & PLATFORMS MON1023Z EachSILGT56 EachThis incinerator (or fire bin) is 12 Slasher Handle Hickory 36 inches in height and has an 10 inchSilverline 240590 Retractable opening plus tapered sides. The totalKnife 145mmcapacity of 13 Litres.Code UnitHNHMINIINCINERATOR EachA lightweight versatile, compact HNH Smokeless Coal 10kg product that is three ladders in one as it quickly and easily converts from Strong aluminium body and heavyextension ladder to step ladder to Replacement Slasher shafts.duty 0.5mm blade. Integral bladestair step ladder. Ideal for both trade Suitable for most forged slashersstorage and hanging hole. and DIY use. Certified to EN131 for trade use.such as the double edge, single edgeCode UnitNumber of treads 5+6and general purpose. When fitting areplacement shaft, the eye shouldSIL240590 EachOpen height as step ladder - 1.58mBrazier is an economy smokeless Closed height as ladder - 1.76mbe dressed to suit the hammer head and secured with Rivets or bolts by acoal, recommended for use onSilverline 270627 Pocket Length of Extension ladder - 2.57mcompetent person. open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Authorised for use in SmokelessKnife 14-Function Weight - 6kgCode Size Unit Zones. HETAS approved as safe andCode UnitHNH545H36 36 (900mm) Each fit for purpose.DRA3WAY EachCode UnitINCINERATORS & COALHNHSMOKELESSCOAL Each Drabest Professional Step BUNKERS Ladder EN131KNEELING PADSBlack Coal Hods 23Silverline 811502 Garden KneelerCompact pocket knife with stainless steel blade. Ideal for camping, travelling and carrying out minor repairs. Includes Phillips screwdriver; Comfortable kneeler protectsleather punch; nail file and cleaner; knees while weeding or planting.needle, keyring attachment, Lightweight and easy to carry. Madecorkscrew, knife, saw, fish scaler, from dense, water-resistant 25mmhook remover, scissors, bottle thick foam. 405 x 180mm. opener, can opener, and flat head Black Coal Hod 23 screwdriver.Code Unit Code UnitSIL811502 Each Code Unit A lightweight and robust aluminium HODHNHBLACK Each SIL270627 Each platform step designed and manufactured with user safety our Galvanised Incinerator 80LStanley 0-10-788 Quickpriority. Certified to EN131 150kg for & Lid Change Knife trade use.Secure anti slip top platform 250x250mm 80mm wide anti slip treadsHigh 600mm safety railNon slip feet Supplied complete with paint can hookCode Size UnitEasy blade change and slideDRAALD2 2 Tread Eachoperation for quick and easy loading.DRAALD3 3 Tread EachHandle holds 8 blades. No tools required for blade change. NarrowDRAALD4 4 Tread EachHeight without legs 24, Lid 18nose for better grip. String and foilDRAALD5 5 Tread Eachdiameter, Bin 16 diameter. FOR REPLACEMENTcutter. Supplied with 8 blades.BLADESDRAALD6 6 Tread EachCode Unit Code Unit DRAALD7 7 Tread EachHNHINCINERATOR Each See pages 249-251 STA010788 Each DRAALD8 8 Tread Each168 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'