b'HAND TOOLSTILING TOOLSHAND TOOLSTILING TOOLSGROUTING & CLEANINGFit For Job FDS DecoratingSilverline 868717 EconomyVitrex 102285 Tile Re- Vitrex 102901 Grout FloatSponge Grout Float 230 x 100mm Grouting KitTILING TOOLSKit contains:Soft Grip handle for extraLightweight float with compressed 102420 grout rake comfort foam base. For smooth, even grout Premium latex face laminated to a102277 combination spreader/ application. squeegee lightweight foam core Ideal for grouting large areasRetail sponge ideal for mostCode Unit102280 grout finisher decorating and cleaning jobs.Clean up sponge Code UnitSIL868717 EachCode Unit Code Unit VIT102901 EachRODFDS Each Silverline 868785 Blue GroutVIT102285 EachFloat 230 x 100mm Vitrex 102904 Large Grouting Hilka Grout Cleaner &Vitrex 102420 Tile Grout Rake SpongeFinishing Kit 4pcGrout float with 23mm EVA cushion T ungsten Carbide grit edged blade and 5mm blue rubber base withfor longer lifeHighly absorbent premium qualitybevelled edges and rounded front Durable nylon handle designed forgrouting sponge corners.Rounded edges to prevent extra gripCode UnitF or removing old and discolouredaccidental removal of fresh groutQuick and easy to use grout andgroutRip resistantSIL868785 Eachcorner cleaning and finishing setCode Unit Code Unitideal for repairing old grout and sealant. Can be used for all caulks,Vitrex 102905 Tile Wash Kit VIT102420 Each VIT102904 Eachsealants and grout. Contains: 1 brush with scraper and 3 finishing toolsVitrex 102422 Heavy DutyVitrex 102912 Grout Clean Up that offers a variety of sealing sizes,Grout Rake & Polishing Kitshapes and edges.Code UnitHIL78020004 EachSilverline 675276 Grouting Sponge 185 x 125 x 50mm T ungsten Carbide grit edged blade for longer life F or removing old and discoloured groutThe easy way to clean and polish The easy way to wash grouted tiles Code Unit tiles Large 11L container with integral4 interchangeable pads to suit roller for wringing out VIT102422 Eachmost applications, including the Dual-purpose specialist tiling andSupplied with a lightweight floatremoval of excess grout and grouting sponge used for applyingwith heavy duty foam sponge forVitrex 102810 Tiling Starterresiduegrout and final polishing of tiles. quick cleaning of large, freshlyKitgrouted areas Code UnitCode Unit VIT102912 EachSIL675276 Each Code UnitVIT102905 Each Vitrex 102913 Dual Purpose Silverline 698461 Grout RakeGrouting Sponge200mm Vitrex 102280 Grout FinisherKit contains: Tile marker Double ended tiling toolTile scorerBall end produces a neat grout line Tile fileLarge 2 in 1 sponge ideal for Tungsten carbide grit-coated blade. Scraper end for removing excess 1.5mm tile spacers (x100) cleaning and polishing tilesRemoves grout from between tiles before re-grouting. Includes a sparegroutCombination spreader / squeegeeRounded edges to preventblade.Easy to cleanGrout Finisher accidental removal of fresh grout Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL698461 Each VIT102280 Each VIT102810 Each VIT102913 Each332 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'