b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPESADHESIVE TAPES SEALANTS & ADHESIVESALUMINIUM TAPE ANTI SLIP TAPE CLOTH TAPESylglas Aluminium Tape Fixman Anti Slip Tape Everbuild American Tape 50mFixman Builders Tape 50mm Orange x 33mA cold applied self adhesiveHigh-strength rubber adhesive on a soft glazing and waterproofing tapeReduces the risk of accidents onPVC carrier. Resistant to all weather ADHESIVE TAPESwith aluminium backing. Forslippery, uneven or split-level floorconditions. Durable over long periods waterproofing and sealing of glazingsurfaces. High quality abrasive onof time and peels off without tearing, bars and other building joints. RepairPVC carrier with an aggressiveunlike conventional tapes. Easily torn - of gutters, flashings and roofs. solvent-based adhesive. Quick andAmerican Duct Tape is the new nameeven with gloved hands - with no need for Jaffa! It is a remarkable new tape Code Size Unit easy to apply. Available in a rangewhich is not only thick, strong andfor knives or scissors. Commonly used SYLAL50 50mm Each of colours designed to blend in with100% waterproof; it also has thefor sheeting off areas to prevent dust existing flooring or to denote amost amazing adhesive quality. and grime on surfaces and frequently SYLAL75 75mm Each hazard. used as a form of glass masking tape.SYLAL100 100mm Each Code Size Unit Code Colour UnitCode Colour Unit EVEUSDUCT0G25 25m EachANTI CORROSION TAPE 25mm x 5m SIL194577 Yellow EachSIL190274 Black Each Everbuild Builders PVC TapeFixman Heavy Duty Duct TapeDenso Tape 50mm x 18m Black 33mSIL194107 Clear EachSIL190583 Yellow/Black EachSylglas Anti Slip Tape 50mm x 3m Heavy Duty High Visibility DuctTapeCold applied anti-corrosion and Highly Adhesive sealing tapes based on a synthetic Water Resistant fabric, impregnated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound. Strong PVC Tape with versatileCode Size Unit The first petrolatum tapeadhesive, ideal for jointing all PVC andBlack 50mmanufactured in the UK was Densopolythene sheets and membranes. Tape, manufactured under licenceFlame retardant, perfect forSIL188845 50mm Eachby Winn & Coales (Denso) Limited.contamination barrier fastening, dustSIL189896 72mm EachDensyl Tape has a higher applicationsealing of sheets and many other usesClear 20mand service temperature range thanin construction and industry.Denso Tape. Ideal slip prevention for: Steps, pathsCode Size Unit SIL190469 50mm Each Densyl Mastic is recommended forand all potential slippery surfaces,High Viz 50mapplications to awkward profiles.patios, decking areas, garages, metalEVE2BUILDBK50 50mm Each SIL188245 50mm Eachi.e. Flanges, Couplings, Valves, etc.staircases and invalid ramps. EVE2BUILDBK75 75mm EachSilver 50mAvailable in a number of sizes andCode Size Unit SIL189098 50mm Eachshapes to ease application Everbuild Mega All Purpose SYLANTISLIPBLA Black Each Tape 50mCode Size Unit Fixman Super Heavy Duty SYLANTISLIPCLE Clear EachDEN50 50mm Each Duct Tape 50mm x 50mSYLANTISLIPYEL Yellow EachDEN75 75mm EachDEN100 100mm EachUltra Non Slip Tape 50mm x DEN150 150mm Each 5mUltra Petro Tape 10mSuper heavy duty polyethylene-coated cloth mesh carrier with hot-melt glue adhesive. Used in The ultimate All Purpose Duct Tape,situations that require a strong, top quality cloth with aggressiveflexible, waterproof and very sticky natural rubber adhesive. Tough,tape with a long-lasting adhesive durable and waterproof, forand resistance to weathering. Instant thousands of applications on site, ingrab adhesive ideal for professional, the home and industry, in the widestdomestic and everyday use, repairs possible range of colours. and maintenance. Tearable by hand.Code Size Unit Code Colour Unit Code Colour UnitULTPETRO50 50mm Each Code Colour Unit EVE2MEGSV50 Silver Each SIL188824 Silver EachULTPETRO75 75mm Each ULTNONSLIPBLK Black Each EVE2MEGBK50 Black Each SIL190160 Black EachULTPETRO100 100mm Each ULTNONSLIPBYE Black/Yellow Each EVE2MEGWE50 White Each SIL190229 White EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 535'