b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPESSEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPESMASKING TAPE PACKING TAPE PLASTERBOARD TAPEFixman Masking Tape 50m Ultra Masking Tape 50m Fixman 191480 Fragile TapeAlphachem Plasterers Scrim 48mm x 66m Tape 48mm x 90mGeneral purpose crepe paperCode Size UnitADHESIVE TAPES masking tape with synthetic rubberULTMASK19 19mm Each Biaxially-oriented polypropylene adhesive designed for everydayULTMASK25 24mm Each (BOPP) film coated with pressure-room temperature masking andsensitive, acrylic-based adhesive. holding applications. High hold andULTMASK38 36mm Each Used for carton sealing and generalSelf Adhesive Plasterers Scrim. adhesion rate to a wide variety ofULTMASK50 48mm Each packaging. White background withAn extra high tack scrim tape for plastic, metal, glass and woodenULTMASK75 75mm Each red FRAGILE warning. Roll fitsreinforcing plasterboard joints, surfaces. Peels cleanly leaving nostandard tape guns. 45mic peelcreating asmooth finish and adhesive residue. Can be writtenadhesion =5.0N/25mm. reducing the risk of cracking on on and is easy to tear. 145mic peelPACKING TAPE joints.adhesion =6.5N/25mm. Code UnitCode Size Unit Everbuild Value PackagingSIL191480 Each Code Size UnitTape Clear 48mm x 50m ALPX6SCRIM48 48mm x 90m EachSIL192532 25mm Each Fixman 191975 Handle With SIL187954 50mm Each Care Tape 48mm x 66mSIL188185 75mm Each Everbuild Euro Scrim TapeSIL187691 100mm EachFixman Low Tack Masking Tape 50mLow noise, quality packaging tape,Biaxially-oriented polypropylene individually wrapped and labelled.(BOPP) film coated with pressure Ideal for all packing applications. sensitive, acrylic-based adhesive. Code Unit Used for carton sealing and generalScrim - Made in Europe to perform! packaging. White background with EVE2PACKCL Each red HANDLE WITH CARE warning.EuroScrim is a premium quality, Low-tack crepe paper masking tapeRoll fits standard tape guns. 45micquick and easy to apply, self-with special low-adhesion syntheticFixman 190368 Bopp Packingpeel adhesion =5.0N/25mm. adhesive scrim tape that is made in rubber adhesive designed to give aEurope to perform! EuroScrim has Tape Tan 48mm x 66m Code Unit a quality high tack adhesive and crisp, sharp line on delicate surfaces, such as freshly-painted or plasteredSIL191975 Each an open mesh that will not blister walls, wallpaper, treated wood andor bubble, creating perfect joints emulsion paint. Peels cleanly, leavingUltra Fragile Packing Tapeeverytime.no adhesive residue. Can be written48mm x 66m Code Size Uniton and is easy to tear. 150mic peel adhesion =4.5N/25mm. EVE2EURO48 48mm x 90m EachCode Size Unit EVE2EURO100 100mm x 90m EachSIL193178 25mm Each Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) SIL187851 38mm Each film coated with pressure-sensitive,Fixman 193980 Plasterboard acrylic-based adhesive. Good qualityCorner Tape 50mm x 30mSIL193171 50mm Eachpacking tape, lightweight, with good tear resistance offering consistent and Fixman 192584 UV Resistantreliable performance in a wide range of Masking Tape 25mm x 50m environments and applications. Used for carton sealing and general packaging in a wide variety of industries. Roll fits standard tape guns. 40mic peelCode Unitadhesion =4.8N/25mm. ULTFRAGILE EachCode UnitSIL190368 Each Ultra Packaging Tape 48mm Pack-6 Plasterboard corner bead tape for finishing and reinforcing internal Ultra Clear Tape 22mm x 25mand external plasterboard corners, Premium grade 14-day clean removalPack-4 eliminating the need for rigid metal masking tape. Fine structure crepe- corner beads. Suitable for new build backed, pressure-sensitive tape withand repair work, flexible corrosion-adhesive formulated for exposureresistant twin steel strips fit any to direct sunlight for up to 14 daysangle where traditional corner bead with easy and clean removal fromwont, for example archways. No most surfaces, leaving a very cleannails, screws or special tools are paint line. 145mic peel adhesionneeded - just tape the corner and =6.5N/25mm. Code Colour Unit cut the tape with heavy scissors.Code Unit Code Unit ULTPACKING Brown Pk 6 Code UnitSIL192584 Each ULTSELLO Pk 4 ULTPACKINGCLEAR Clear Pk 6 SIL193980 Each538 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'