b'HAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSSOCKETS & SPANNERS HAND TOOLSSOCKETSSilverline Socket 3/8 DriveSilverline Socket 1/2 Drive Silverline Socket 1/2 DriveSilverline Impact Socket 1/2 12pt Metric 12pt Metric Drive 6pt MetricSOCKETS & SPANNERSChrome vanadium steel hex metric 12-point bi-hex socket for fast,socket. Fully mirror-polished finish.12-point bi-hex socket for fast, accurate accurate location to the fastener.Chamfered end for positive nutlocation to the fastener. PrecisionImpact 6-point hex sockets Precision cold-forged, hardenedlocation. Radius design for addedcold-forged, hardened and temperedspecifically forged for use on and tempered chrome vanadiumtorque and long life. Knurled band,chrome vanadium steel. Fully polishedpowered impact tools. Precision steel. Fully polished and nickelball-retention hole. To DIN3124/ and nickel chrome plated for durablecold-forged, hardened and tempered chrome-plated for durable corrosionISO2725 and DIN3120/ISO1174. corrosion resistance. Chamfered endschrome vanadium steel. Clear, resistance. Chamfered ends andand thin walls for positive location onlaser-etched sizes and industrial thin walls for positive location onCode Size Unit fastener. Knurled ring provides grip andphosphate-coated for tough fastener. Knurled ring gives grip andSIL887873 8mm Each control in the hand, and bearing holecorrosion resistance. Thick walls control in the hand, and bearing holeSIL801702 9mm Each provides solid connection to the tool. provide strength and durability for provides solid connection to the tool. SIL726041 10mm Each Code Size Unit repetitive high torques. Side wall hole for ball or pin locking to the Code Size Unit SIL342615 11mm Each SIL769625 8mm Each tool.SIL386433 6mm Each SIL171338 12mm Each SIL958173 9mm Each Code Size UnitSIL283041 13mm Each SIL941024 13mm Each SIL355375 10mm Each SIL429481 10mm EachSIL911453 16mm Each SIL588768 14mm Each SIL881578 12mm Each SIL941406 11mm EachSIL511716 17mm Each SIL859576 15mm Each SIL415328 13mm Each SIL764969 12mm EachSIL338511 19mm Each SIL179056 16mm Each SIL628299 14mm Each SIL750372 13mm EachSIL648455 20mm Each SIL721677 17mm Each SIL883085 15mm Each SIL434254 17mm EachSIL425716 18mm Each SIL805547 16mm Each SIL467682 18mm EachSilverline Deep Socket 3/8SIL637442 19mm Each SIL676654 17mm EachDrive 6pt Metric SIL301762 19mm EachSIL257692 20mm Each SIL687231 19mm Each SIL363656 21mm EachSIL612122 21mm Each SIL889041 20mm Each SIL895642 22mm EachSIL677277 22mm Each SIL501751 21mm Each SIL801153 24mm EachSIL243805 23mm Each SIL795578 22mm Each SIL381878 30mm EachSIL790839 24mm Each SIL449975 24mm Each SIL826021 32mm EachDeep 6-point hex socket forSIL178045 25mm Each SIL900180 25mm Eachmaximum torque transfer to theSIL593431 26mm Each SIL364298 26mm Each Silverline (504840) Impact face of the fastener. Precision cold- SIL501792 27mm Each SIL436883 27mm Each Universal Joint 3/8 50mmforged, hardened and temperedSIL766480 28mm Each SIL736697 30mm Eachchrome vanadium steel. Fully polished and nickel chrome platedSIL771420 30mm Each SIL936009 32mm Eachfor durable corrosion resistance.SIL269129 32mm EachChamfered ends and thin walls forSilverline Deep Socket 1/2 positive location on fastener. KnurledDrive 12pt Metricring provides grip and control inSilverline Deep Socket 1/2 Drivethe hand, and bearing hole providesPrecision forged and machined from solid connection to the tool. chrome molybdenum steel. Turns high impact torques through up to Code Size Unit 35. Specifically forged for use on SIL747816 8mm Each powered impact tools. Clear, laser-etched sizes. Industrial phosphate-SIL911097 10mm Each Chrome vanadium steel hex metricDeep 12-point bi-hex socket for fast,coated for tough corrosion SIL584339 12mm Each socket. Fully mirror-polished finish.accurate location to the fastener.resistance. Side wall hole for ball or SIL343234 13mm Each Chamfered end for positive nutPrecision cold-forged, hardened andpin connection.location. Radius design for addedtempered chrome vanadium steel. Fully SIL327814 14mm Each torque and long life. Knurled band,polished and nickel chrome-platedCode UnitSIL759044 15mm Each ball-retention hole. To DIN3124/ for durable corrosion resistance.SIL504840 EachSIL634269 16mm Each ISO2725 and DIN3120/ISO1174. Chamfered ends and thin walls for Code Size Unit positive location on fastener. KnurledSilverline (524036) Impact SIL496285 17mm Each ring provides grip and control in theUniversal Joint 1/2 60mmSIL869902 19mm Each SIL673433 10mm Each hand, and bearing hole provides solid SIL107241 12mm Each connection to the tool.Silverline Screwdriver BitSIL955428 13mm Each Code Size UnitHolder SIL868242 14mm Each SIL684051 10mm EachSIL832745 16mm Each SIL656272 12mm EachSIL983753 17mm Each SIL759944 14mm EachSIL316751 18mm Each SIL835589 17mm Each Turns high impact torques through SIL743915 19mm Each SIL871383 19mm Each up to 35. Specifically forged for use on powered impact tools. Precision SIL117659 20mm Each SIL504869 20mm Each forged and machined fromchrome Hardened, tempered chromemolybdenum steel. Clear, laser-vanadium, chrome plated forSIL306431 22mm Each SIL359710 21mm Eachcorrosion resistance. Holds 25mmSIL238098 24mm Each SIL851720 22mm Each etched sizes, and industrial insert bits. phosphate-coated for tough SIL324782 26mm Each SIL544493 24mm Each corrosion resistance. Side wall hole Code Size Unit SIL465986 27mm Each SIL786451 26mm Each for ball or pin locking to the tool.SIL571493 1/4 Drive Each SIL508817 30mm Each SIL483077 27mm Each Code UnitSIL228527 3/8 Drive Each SIL718106 32mm Each SIL417276 32mm Each SIL524036 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 307'