b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEPUMPS RECOVERY & TOWINGSilverline 380197 Heavy DutySilverline 380639 DoubleSilverline 451946 Fuel LineHilka 83402204 Single Barrel Double Foot Pump 470cc Action Fluid Transfer GunDisconnection Set 3pc Footpump500ccAUTOMOTIVEHeavy duty, double-barrel pump forFor breaking into fuel lines and hoses rapid inflation of tyres and inflatablefitted with quick release couplings.TUV/GS approved pump has strong boats. For use with Citron, Fiat, Ford,metal construction and comes with Fluid drawn on pull stroke andGeneral Motors, Peugeot & Renault.adaptors for bicycles and inflatables. Code Unit expelled on push stroke. All metalCan be used on most vehicles. Packed in colour box.SIL380197 Each body has a 500cc stroke capacity and is supplied with 2.4m lengthCode Unit Code Unitof hose which can be cut to fit asSIL451946 Each HIL83402204 EachSilverline 380241 Bicyclerequired.Pump 400mm Code Unit RECOVERY & TOWING Hilka 84720099 Folding Boot SIL380639 Each ShovelHilka 3 Metre Booster CablesSilverline 380742 Siphon Pumps 540mm400mm long x 22mm dia. Large single stroke air displacement inflates bike tyres with ease. Fits Schraeder-type bicycle valves. 150mm valve connector hose.Code Unit Portable and compact folding SIL380241 Each shovel. Carbon steel heat treated serrated blade with tubular steel For safe removal of harmful fluidshandle. Easily stored in a car boot. Silverline 380250 Heavyfrom car radiators and fuel tanks.Ideal to use in light or harsh snowy Duty Single Foot Pump 280cc Narrow bore suction pipe for access3 metre in length for easyconditions.to small openings. Pack-2. connection between two cars, or one car and a power pack. Thick 16mm?Code UnitCode Unit PVC coated cables for protectionHIL84720099 EachSIL380742 Each from oil, acid and heat. Fully insulated, colour coded terminalHilka Automatic Battery Silverline 399018 Blow Outclamps with zip bag for safe storage.Charger 8 AmpPump 300mm 400 amp suitable for: diesel engines up to 2,500cc and petrol engines up to 3,500cc.Heavy duty, rigid tough steel frame.Code UnitClear dial pressure gauge in psi andHIL83621603 Eachbar.Code Unit Hilka 83060700 Double SIL380250 Each Barrel FootpumpSilverline 380349 StirrupFor removal of dust from drilled Foot Pump 0 - 100psi (0-7holes, maximising anchor strength Bar) of fixings.Code Unit Suitable for most petrol and diesel engines. For charging 12V lead-acid, SIL399018 Each sealed, leisure and GEL batteries. Charging rate of 8 Amp RMS (fast Silverline 451324 Jugglecharge) and 4 Amp RMP (trickle Siphon 2m charge). Automatically switches to float charge when battery is fully charged. Battery type and charging Double barrels make for quickerspeed selector functions. Easy to inflating. This TUV/GS approvedread built-in LEDs display battery pump has strong metal constructioncharge level, charging status, power and comes with adaptors for bicyclesand polarity protection. Protected and inflatables. Packed in colour box. against reverse polarity, short circuit and thermal overload. Built-in mains Code Unit plug storage with cable tidy clips for HIL83060700 Each safe keeping. Specification: - Input Stirrup-type track pump suitableEasy use, self priming, jiggle action230V AC 50HZ 110W. - Output: 12V 4A for inflating dinghies, fenders orsiphon. Will transfer up to 5 gallonsRMS (Trickle Charge). - Output: 12V 8A tyres. Compact size, sturdy foot forof liquid per minute. Safely pumpsRMS (Fast Charge). - Fully insulated stability. Multi-valve head fits Presta,water, fuels, paints and solvents. 2mterminal clamps. - 1.4M charger cable, Schrader and Dunlop valves. hose. 1.7M power cord with plug.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL380349 Each SIL451324 Each HIL83650008 Each214 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'