b'PLUMBINGCOMPRESSION FITTINGSPLUMBINGCOMPRESSION FITTINGSSecurplumb SU9780 Lead-LocSecurplumb SU9797Securplumb SU9810Securplumb SU9822 to Copper Compression1/2 xCompression Coupling C x MiCompression Wall Plate ElbowCompression Equal Tee CxC 7lb x 15mm 15 x 1/2 Pack of 5 WRAS 15mm x 1/2 WRAS 15mm Chrome PlatedCOMPRESSION FITTINGS & COMPRESSON CONNECTORSCode Unit Code UnitMPSSU9780 Each MPSSU9797 Each Code Unit Code UnitMPSSU9822 EachSecurplumb CompressionMPSSU9810 EachSecurplumb SU9798 Coupling CxC WRAS Compression Coupling C x FiSecurplumb CompressionCOMPRESSON 15 x 1/2 Pack of 5 WRAS Equal Tee CxCxC Pack of 5CONNECTORSWRASMake Compression Straight ConnectorCode Size Unit Code UnitMPSSU9783 15mm Pk 10 MPSSU9798 EachMPSSU9784 22mm Pk 5 Code Size UnitSecurplumb Tap ConnectorMPSSU9812 15mm Pk 5Securplumb CompressionStraight C x Fi Pack of 5 Coupling CxC Pack of 5 WRAS WRAS MPSSU9814 22mm Pk 5 A high quality compression Securplumb SU9816connector available in white, ideal for connecting two pipes together.Compression Coupling CxMi 15mm x 1/2 Chrome PlatedCode Size UnitPack of 2 MAKPRO087 32mm EachMAKPRO088 40mm EachMake Compression Connector Code Size Unit 135 BendCode Size Unit MPSSU9800 15 x 1/2 Pk 5MPSSU9786 15 x 10 Pk 5 MPSSU9802 15 x 3/4 Pk 5MPSSU9787 15 x 12 Pk 5 Securplumb Compression Elbow CxC WRAS Code UnitSecurplumb Tap ConnectorMPSSU9816 EachFlanged WRASSecurplumb SU9818 Compression Coupling CxC 15mm x 1/2 Chrome Plated Pack of 5 A high quality 135 bend available in white for compression fit, suitable for quick and easy plumbing.Code Size UnitMAKPRO089 32mm EachCode Size Unit Code Size Unit MAKPRO090 40mm EachMPSSU9790 15mm Each MPSSU9804 15mm Pk 10MPSSU9806 22mm Pk 5 Make Compression Connector MPSSU9791 22mm Each Code Unit 90 BendSecurplumb SU9808MPSSU9818 EachSecurplumb Compression Stop End Pack 5 WRAS Compression Elbow C x MI 15Securplumb SU9819 x 1/2 Pack of 5 WRAS Compression Elbow CxC 15mm Chrome Plated Pack of 5A high quality 90 bend available Code Size Unit in white for compression fit, this MPSSU9794 15mm Pk 5 suitable for quick and easy plumbing.MPSSU9795 22mm Pk 5 Code Unit Code Size UnitMPSSU9808 Each Code Unit MAKPRO091 32mm EachMPSSU9819 Each MAKPRO092 40mm Each40 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'